Perseverantia: A Fitchburg State University Podcast Network

Perseverantia features sounds and stories of the Fitchburg State community. 
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Perseverantia is the Fitchburg State podcast network. Launched with its pilot content, the network features the voices, experiences, and educational and extra-curricular life of the university community, broadly defined. 

The network provides support in recording, editing, production, and dissemination of podcasts produced in classwork or community activities at the university. 



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    FalconCast is the inaugural series of Perseverantia: the Fitchburg State University Podcast Network, produced by students in Kevin McCarthy’s Podcasting class in spring 2023. Students are the heart of Fitchburg State, and in FalconCast they take to the mics to explore overlooked areas of campus life, including student activities, capstone projects, or people on campus whose work goes on behind the scenes. All aspects of FalconCast are student produced, right down to the show’s artwork.

    Below you will find show notes and more information for each episode. 

    Matt Baier and Nikki McToggart introduce the inaugural season of FalconCast, a podcast that picks the brains of students at Fitchburg State University to explore their advice, adventures, and anxieties.

    FalconCast was created, developed and produced during the spring semester 2023 by students in the Podcasting class at Fitchburg State University. It is the inaugural series in season one of Perseverantia, Fitchburg State’s Podcast Network.

    The FalconCast series producers are Matt Baier and Nikki McToggart. Series Artwork by Nate McKenna. Music supervision and Sound Mastering by Ryan Gallagher. Transcriptions supervised and edited by McKenzie Calvao. Episode Notes edited by Egan Wolford.

    Season 1 Episode Producers include students from the Communications Media department:

    • McKenzie Calvao and Nick Castillo (“RA Caitlin”)
    • Matt Baier, Max Eisenhaure,  Jackson Texeira (“Building Blocks”)
    • JJ Catalano, Alan Tadiello,  Egan Wolford (“Becoming a Falcon”)
    • Logan Corrado and Alexander Maggio (“Clubs and Comradery”)
    • Ryan Gallagher and Dalicia Rodriguez (“My Non Biological Brother”)
    • Keyloni Jackson, Nate McKenna, and Nikki McToggart (“Silver Lining”)

    Prof. Kevin McCarthy is the Podcasting course instructor and one of the executive producers of Perseverantia.  Questions or comments?  An idea for Season 2 of FalconCast or the Perseverantia network?  Please reach out

    Episode teaser transcript available.

    In Episode 1 of FalconCast, our hosts Nick Castillo and McKenzie Calvao interview Fitchburg State University student and Resident Assistant (RA), Caitlin Moriarty, and find out what it means to work as a undergraduate RA. From difficulties with always being on the clock to the unique connections between the RA’s, Caitlin gives us a look into how she manages her lifestyle between school and work above it all.

    Caitlin Moriarty (She/They) is a sophomore student at Fitchburg State studying education and on her way to becoming a teacher. Currently, she works as a Resident Assistant for the Aubuchon Residence Hall and is soon to be the Assistant Resident Director of the building. When not at work, she enjoys hanging out with friends, watching movies, and spending time with her dog, Karma.

    For more information on being an RA or housing at Fitchburg State, visit their website or contact housing directly at

    This episode was produced by McKenzie Calvao and Nick Castillo as a part of the Spring 2023 Podcasting class at Fitchburg State University.

    Episode 1 transcript available. 

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    In Episode 2 of FalconCast, our hosts Max Eisenhaure and Matthew Baier interview Fitchburg State University student Marcus Phan and find out about the Building Manager job at Fitchburg State. From his daily duties to kicking people out, and improving himself, Marcus gives us a look into what it means to be a Building Manager.

    Marcus Phan (He/Him) is a junior student at Fitchburg State University studying film and on his way to breaking into the industry. Currently, he works as a Building Manager at Hammond Hall, the campus epicenter for student activity.

    This episode was produced by Matt Baier, Max Eisenhaure, and Jackson Texeira as a part of the Spring 2023 Podcasting class at Fitchburg State University.

    Episode 2 transcript available. 

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    In Episode 3 of FalconCast, our host Egan Wolford speaks with three Fitchburg State University student-athletes who share their unique journey through sports, academics, and life to becoming a Falcon at Fitchburg State. Matt, Cole, and Julia offer insights into how they deal with "the pressure" of their sport, what it's like to chase their dreams while maintaining love for their sport, and what it's like to be a Falcon student-athlete.

    Matt Aguirre (he/him) is a junior football player for Fitchburg State University. Hailing all the way from Texas, he is a major motivator on the football team. Julia Gauvin (she/her) is a sophomore softball player for Fitchburg State University. She never thought she would play in college and now she leads the dominant Falcons softball team. Cole Archambeault (he/him) is a junior and one of the captains of the Fitchburg State University hockey team. Cole grew up in the neighboring town of Lunenburg, MA and always felt like he might become a Falcon. 

    This episode was produced by JJ Catalano, Alan Tadiello, and Egan Wolford, as a part of the Spring 2023 Podcasting class at Fitchburg State University.

    Episode 3 transcript available.

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    On Episode 4 of the FalconCast, our hosts Alexander Maggio and Logan Corrado interview Fitchburg State University student Dylan Mercier (he/him) and find out how to make college life easier by participating in the multitude of clubs and organizations offered on the Fitchburg State campus. Dyan gives us a look into what made him interested in joining these clubs and the upside of participating in campus life. 

    Dylan is a freshman at Fitchburg State University majoring in Biology with a health sciences concentration. When not in class or studying, Dylan has found comradery in the Biology Club, the Smash Bros Club, and the Pokemon Club.

    This episode was produced by Logan Corrado and Alexander Maggio as a part of the Spring 2023 Podcasting class at Fitchburg State University.

    Episode 4 transcript available.


    Perseverantia Perspectives Podcast Series logo Fitchburg State University

    Perspectives explores the many voices of Fitchburg State’s community. Series feature conversations with students, faculty, and staff in the “Five with a Falcon” segments, or longer-form interviews with alumni. 

    PERSEWERANTIA? What's in a Name

    What is the deal with the network name?   How exactly do you pronounce it?

    This episode explores the persnickety pronunciation of the network name -- which is also Fitchburg State University's motto. 

    Bonus episode transcript available.

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    Classroom Stories

    Perseverantia Classroom Stories Podcast Series logo Fitchburg State University

    Students come to Fitchburg State University for academic enrichment and the innovative pedagogy offered in its classrooms. Classroom Stories feature the work of students and learning communities and the exciting explorations in the content of the many disciplines available for study at the university.

    Coming soon.

    Special Series: The Empty Campus

    Perseverantia Special Series The Empty Campus Podcast Series

    Some stories require multiple episodes to explore their many facets, and Perseverantia’s special series explore issues related to campus life, in-depth research and scholarly explorations, or longer narratives drawing from the classrooms and lives of our community. The first Special Series: The Empty Campus, features oral histories about the campus community’s experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Coming soon.

    Getting to the Point

    Perseverantia Getting to the Point Podcast Series

    Produced by journalists at Fitchburg State University’s student-run newspaper, The Point, this series offers behind-the-scenes and in-depth reporting about newsworthy events on campus or in the community or features longer-form conversations with newsmakers.

    Coming soon.

    We are currently accepting pitches from staff and faculty of Fitchburg State University, with plans to expand these calls soon. Stay tuned also for contexts regarding logo creation, as well as for more news about our theme music and series.

    For more information, contact Associate Professor Kate Jewell and Associate Professor Kevin McCarthy

    A list of available equipment for podcast producers will be posted soon. This link tree has our website, where to subscribe, and our Instagram. 

    Mission and Goals

    Perseverantia seeks to apply and disseminate Fitchburg State University’s unique combination of expertise in media production and engaging content creation that highlights the academic, social, and community connections and voices of the university and central Massachusetts. By leveraging existing institutional assets in faculty expertise from media production to journalism to the history of university-owned media institutions, as well as placing students at the center of content production, Perseverantia provides a foundation to incubate innovative practices and production in local media with civic and cultural benefits to students, the institution, and wider community. Funded by an Academic Innovation Grant, the pilot year seeks to establish a foundation for the expansion of the network in subsequent academic years.

    • Build the infrastructure, management and personnel necessary to produce high-quality audio content featuring the work and activities of Fitchburg State University students and community members.
    • Disseminate produced audio content via a new podcasting channel, featuring several series and types of content, as well as broadcast on WXPL.
    • Enhance Fitchburg State University’s identity of blending enriching liberal arts and scientific inquiry with high-level professional skills and experience while strengthening connections between the institution, the city of Fitchburg, and residents in surrounding communities.

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