English Studies Department

English Studies Department Faculty on the stairs of Thompson Hall

English Studies students develop sharp analytical thinking and learn to be compelling storytellers and deep researchers who understand different cultures and audiences. Those skills translate across job sectors from entertainment to law, journalism to marketing, even publishing to sales.

Majors and Concentrations


Understand the world through literature from around the globe as you develop your analytical abilities through academic research and writing.

Professional Writing

Hone your craft as writers, storytellers, and communicators in genres across journalism and technical and creative writing.

Middle and Secondary Education

Develop solid foundations in literature and teaching methods for the middle and secondary classroom as you gain initial licensure.

Graduate Degree and Certificate

  • MA, English 
    30 credit degree ripe with bespoke literature courses that are engaging and challenging to the secondary English teacher or aspiring doctoral student.
  • Creative Writing Certificate 
    12 credit, 100% online certificate for students looking to practice their craft with actively publishing authors.

Learn more about our graduate English programs by watching the webinar below to hear from faculty as well as current and former students.


  • Literature Minor 
    18 credit program that lets you build on core courses in literary theory and anglophone literature with electives of your choosing.
  • Professional Writing Minor 
    15 credit program that provides a foundation in writing professionally and lets you choose areas of interest for your writing.
  • Political Journalism Minor
    18 credit program for those interested in journalism, political science, and the role of political reporting in democratic societies.

Our Students and Graduates

Matt Ramsden English Studies Graduate headshot
Matt Ramsden ’15, Technical Support Representative at EBSCO Information Services


“My experiences in Fitchburg State's literature classes radically altered my worldview. The diversity and breadth of study and voices represented is something I still remember today.”
Kate Domenichella Alumni English Studies
Kate Domenichella ’16 Information Developer, Hewlett Packard

Professional Writing

“The English Studies faculty helped shape me into the professional I am today. They always pushed me to strive for excellence whether it was applying for internships in diverse fields, working on-campus publications, or participating in courses that would serve me broadly after graduation. There was always something I would experience to ensure I had a solid foundation after graduation.”
Natalie Chase English Initial Licensure Headshot
Natalie Chase ’17, High School English Teacher, Lincoln Charter School


“Being a part of the Fitchburg State English department as both an undergrad and graduate student has been an incredible experience. I have been able to form close bonds with many professors and give back to them and the department. Each professor is extremely generous with his/ her time and knowledge and they are always willing to network with students.”

Beyond the Classroom

Student Publications, Groups, and Opportunities

So much of your learning and professional growth happens outside of the classroom. Write for or edit our literary journal, contribute to the student newspaper, join or lead clubs and organizations, or study abroad.
Read more about: Student Publications, Groups, and Opportunities

Scholarships and Awards

Our department offers ten scholarships a year to qualified students every spring. Here's what they are and how you can apply to them. 
Read more about: Scholarships and Awards

Internships and Career Placements

From hands-on experiences that prepare you for professional goals to faculty-sponsored writing associates, you can shape your career goals with your peers, professors, and prospective employers. 
Read more about: Internships and Career Placements

Teaching Practicum

The student teaching practicum/internship provides candidates who have reached the teacher candidacy stage of their academic programs with hands-on experience in an approved school setting. 
Read more about: Teaching Practicum

Events and a Look Inside the Courses

Check out our Burg Blog for various events as well as a look inside the many courses around campus.
Read more about: Events and a Look Inside the Courses

Being an English Major

Why English Studies

English majors “know how to think, to think for themselves, and how to analyze a problem. Business majors are fine, but they are preoccupied with theory, proving themselves, and doing it ‘right.’ But the English majors are used to getting a tough assignment, figuring it out, and getting it done.” Steve Strauss, author and small business owner

Bing Chen's Passionate Defense Of A Liberal Arts Education

Bing Chen, Former Head of YouTube's Creative Team and Founder of Bing Studios makes an impassioned argument of the importance of a Liberal Arts education to entrepreneurs.

Curriculum and Other Information

The English Studies program provides students: a) knowledge of the variety of literary and cultural texts in English; b) in-depth understanding of diverse cultural, literary, rhetorical, and pedagogical traditions; c) skills in reading, writing, speaking, critical thinking, and research; and d) ample opportunity for hands-on experience in literary analysis, professional and creative writing, teaching, and scholarship to prepare students for personal and professional success.

English Studies trains students to become empathetic, innovative, and critical thinkers, readers, writers, creators, and teachers.

English Studies Department Shared Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will be able to read and understand texts across genres, cultures, and periods. Students will be able to write in various forms.
  • Students will be able to critically analyze texts and contexts.
  • Students will be able to communicate their perspectives and ideas.
  • Students will be able to apply their skills in distinct settings.


Questions? Get in touch!

Please reach out with any questions you might have, either through the contact information below or by calling the department chair, Aruna Krishnamurthy at 978.665.3247. We suggest you also visit our department's Facebook page for updates, events, and news on our faculty, students, and alumni.