Event Management

We assist in room reservations for basic meetings to planning, set-up, and support for large events.
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In order to support with the event planning process, initial intake reviews will be conducted allowing the department staff to assist with selecting event locations and dates, ensure support needs are identified and scheduled, and provide an opportunity for ideas and recommendations. 

Some of the supports offered include space reservations, room set-up, audio-visual assistance, and coordination of resource and service requests. As an added service, the office has developed event and budget checklists, floor plans, and templates to further support your meeting and event planning needs and help individuals and departments deliver high-quality, successful events on our campus.

Our team consists of a group of customer service professionals, along with student staff, who are at the ready to assist with your meeting and event planning needs.


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All happenings on campus should be entered into EMS. If for some reason an event or happening is not in EMS, no support will be provided.  Any reservation cancellations or changes should be communicated to the Event Management office as soon as possible. Last minute changes are not guaranteed to be granted or supported.


Everything you need to know about parking on campus, from maps to policies. 


For ordering catering in order to support your campus event.

Need to make sure the space you're requesting has WiFi?

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