Student Affairs

Promoting the intellectual, cultural, personal, and social development of our students.
Group of students sitting in grass on the quad in front of Edgerly

The Office of Student Affairs strives to support and educate students. We engage the community and enrich the Fitchburg State University experience. Collaboratively, we provide high-quality and innovative opportunities, experiences, and resources to empower our students to achieve their potential. Our work enables them to gain the skills and perspective needed to successfully navigate a dynamic world. Inspired by the diversity within our community, we foster an inclusive environment that cultivates respect, values the individual, and honors the contributions of all.


Appeals Processes

Academic Standing Appeals

If you experienced critical extenuating circumstances that interfered with your studies, you may petition for reconsideration of status.

Financial Aid (SAP) Appeals

If you're seeking to appeal your denial of financial aid due to exceptional circumstances.

Policies, Procedures, Support

Academic Policies

See our various policies and procedures.


Here to address the needs of students facing a variety of concerns.

Student Support

Nobody goes it alone and you won't either. Let us know how we can help.

Student Affairs Staff

Questions? Get in touch! 
Headshot Laura Bayless Student Affairs
Vice President of Student Affairs

Dr. Laura Bayless

Email:  Phone: 978.665.3215
Headshot of Tim St. John Student Affairs
Dean of Students

Tim St. John

Email:  Phone: 978.665.4141
Headshot of Joseph Flanagan Student Affairs
Assistant Director for Care and Community Standards

Joseph Flanagan

Email:  Phone: 978.665.3887
Headshot of Candie Conner Student Affairs
Administrative Assistant for Immunizations and Records

Candie Conner

Email:  Phone: 978.665.3889
Headshot of Shanna Sallah Student Affairs
Staff Assistant

Shanna Sallah

Email:  Phone: 978.665.3130