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The Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness (CDI) delivers programs designed to contribute to a positive campus culture of appreciation and respect for differences. We can be reached at or by phone at 978.665.3399 or 978.665.3701. We are located in Hammond Hall G04.


The Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness cultivates a welcoming and safe space for all members of the Fitchburg State University community and supports each person individually by recognizing and respecting all cultures, perspectives, and experiences. Through programming, mentorship, and dialogue we will provide opportunities for exploration, understanding, and celebration.

We coordinate and maintain a campus-wide program that reflects the university's mission to support the development of the whole person by engaging students in an inclusive environment through the following:

  • Promotion of active involvement
  • Collaboration
  • Education and leadership opportunities
  • Ensuring each students goal fulfillment

CDI is my "go to" place, especially after a tough day! It is also the place where I get the necessary encouragement, and guidance.

Michelle Valentin
Latin American Student Organization

We provide the tools of understanding and acceptance to diversity in its many varied forms. It is our mission to the Fitchburg State student, and its community, that they:

  • Be exposed to cultural diversity
  • Learn to be accepting of people and ideas not their own
  • Understand cultural differences as opportunities for learning
  • Develop techniques on how to best deal with diversity and social issues
  • Advance a student's personal, social, and emotional skills

The members of the Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness will design, plan, and oversee the delivery of various programs, such as:

  • Heritage Month Celebrations
  • Multicultural education
  • Cultural activities designed to contribute to a positive campus culture of appreciation and respect for differences

The center advises active, diverse student organizations such as:

  • Black Student Union
  • Latin American Student Organization
  • First Love
  • Asian Student Organization
  • African Student Association
  • Gay Straight Alliance

...including experiences like the following:

  • Latinx/a/o American Heritage Month
  • Black History Month
  • Women's History Month
  • LGBTQ+ History Month
  • Courageous Conversations/Cafecito and Conversation/Black Table Talk 
  • Conference Experiences such as: 
    • The Brotherhood and Sisterhood Conference Worcester State University
    • Yale University Black Solidarity Conference 
    • The Mount Holyoke College Trailblazers Conference 
    • The NASPA Latinx Student Leadership Conference
  • CDI Meet and Greets 
  • The UNITY Roundtable 
  • Annual Training and Workshops

CDI recognizes me as an individual. Jamie has always helped me meet the challenges of my studies, along with mixing in a whole lot of fun into my day. CDI rocks!

Ulrich Mbakop
Senior Biology Major and FWS Student

CDI Office Staff

Headshot of Krysta Lopez from Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness
Program Coordinator

Krysta López she/her/hers

Krysta is the new Program Coordinator at the Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness at Fitchburg State University. She is a first-generation graduate, and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry from Worcester State University. Currently, she's a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. During her time at Worcester State University, she had many different roles on campus, ranging from student administrative assistant, a tour guide, an RA, and an intern for the Commissioner for the City of Worcester. After completing her Bachelor’s degree, she has been working in Higher Education in different roles, but most recently as a TRIO Recruitment Counselor. Krysta is passionate about working with college students, assisting them in whichever way possible for a student to be successful with their academic goals. She's excited and eager to work with students and expand her knowledge of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. If interested in connecting with Krysta, please email her directly at

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