Behavioral Sciences Department

Examine how human beings think and behave, both as individuals and in social, spiritual, and cultural settings.
A shot of the Antonucci Science Complex from the quad

The Behavioral Sciences Department includes four undergraduate programs: Sociology, Human Services, Criminal Justice, and the 4 +1 Police Program. 

Collaborate in classes that foster professional and personal growth while learning pragmatic skills and academic issues associated to specific majors.

Majors and Concentrations

Criminal Justice

Prepare for a career in criminal justice (this includes our 4+1 Police Certification Concentration program). 

Human Services

Prepare to excel in careers of direct service to individuals, families, and communities.


The study of our communities as well as the people in them.  

Go Beyond the Classroom

Study Abroad

Go beyond the classroom and study the world through travel. 


Hands-on experience that prepares you for your career. 

Questions? Get in touch!

Please reach out with any questions you might have, either though the contact information below or by contacting the department chair, Dr. Christine Shane at 978.665.3242.

FALL 2020 UPDATE: The Department of Behavioral Sciences, located at McKay Complex, Room 206, will provide in person services on a walk-in basis, Monday, Wednesday and Friday as needed by appointment. To make an appointment with the chair, please contact Dr. Christine Shane or by phone at 978.665.3242. To make an appointment with a member of our team, please contact Gail Feckley at 978-665-3241 or email To make an appointment with a Behavioral Sciences faculty member, please contact them directly. Contact information and office hours are listed elsewhere on this page.