Economics, History, and Political Science Department

Understand our domestic and international landscapes through economics, history, and political science. 
Josh Spero and panel of students and faculty at Ukranian talk in main lounge

Choosing an innovative major within Economics, History, or Political Science provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a wide range of careers including those in business, education, finance, law, government, non-profits, and public policy.

No matter the major, our faculty work closely with you in small class sizes to ensure a hands-on education.

Majors and Concentrations


Interested in a career in finance, business, or management? This is the program you need.


Plan a future in a wide range of fields, from teaching, public history, law, public policy, and more.

Political Science, American Government/Law

Examine economic and historical facets to understand contemporary power and methodology of political systems.

Political Science, International Politics

Prepare for a career in government, international law, non-profit agencies, or non-governmental or international organizations.

Initial Licensure (5-12)

Pursue initial licensure as a middle or high school history teacher.

International Business and Economics

For students interested in professional graduate training in economics, or in careers in business, law, government, or journalism.

Our Students and Graduates

Legislative Aide for State Rep. Michael Kushmerek

Rebecca Hess '22

“When I came to Fitchburg State I knew I thought politics was interesting, but I didn’t even know what a legislative aide was,” she said. “Now all constituent service calls go through me. I’m that front point of contact with Rep. Kushmerek's office."
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Political Science Major

Oscar Burgos Pimentel '23

On his summer internship in Washington, D.C. in the office of U.S. Rep Lori Trahan, "It's surreal. I like the fact that I'm in the center of everything."
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History teacher in the Lynn Public Schools

Kerry McManus '22

I apply the skills I learned each day to engage students who are just learning English as a second, and at times, a third language. The education at Fitchburg State for history teachers is unparalleled in class size, cost, and the care, respect, and development that is offered.
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Pre-Law Studies

Pre-Law Degree Program

We offer specific pathways for students interested in pursuing the law.

UMass Dartmouth 3+3

Complete both your bachelor’s degree (BS) and juris doctor degree (JD) in six years

Beyond the Classroom

Model United Nations

Focus on role-playing UN nation leaderships and tackling challenging international scenarios, while gaining valuable problem solving skills.
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Moot Court

Join a team of student-contestants to detail the dimensions of a given legal problem before an appellate court. Performances are judged by panels of faculty and attorneys.  
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The Washington Center Internship Program

Gain valuable career building experiences that will advance both your studies and your long-term goals
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Departmental Procedures

For the Economics, History, and Political Science department.
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Events and a Look Inside the Courses

Take a look at some of the events Economics, History and Political students get to experience throughout the year in the Burg Blog. 
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