Political Science Internships

Political Science Career Paths & Major Requirements

  • Knowledge & Choices to build your career with Political Science training and a degree for unlimited types of jobs and contributions to community, country, and the world.
  • Public Service for government/policymaking careers at local, statewide, national, and international levels.
  • International Organization careers at the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, Interpol, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, World Bank, International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, etc.
  • Public and Private Sector bridge building by advising, consulting, and contracting for Non-Governmental Organizations and Multinational Corporations, as well as connecting to government policymaking and academia.

Key Political Science Leadership Skill Sets learned at Fitchburg State for interning:

  • Working in teams and learning to delegate authority for crisis management
  • Strategizing with experiential learning via simulations, case studies, and role-playing
  • Understanding trends using evidence to prepare effective: research and analysis

Internship Requirements for Political Science (Minimum of 3 Political Science Credits & up to 12 credits):

  • Complete minimum of 60 credits prior to internship (at least 12 credits at Fitchburg State)
  • Maintain 2.5 cumulative GPA prior to registration & internship placement
  • Avoid conflict of interest at internship (examples: supervision by student’s family member, internships in existing job)
  • Distinguish potential job from internship by tasks outside normal job duties
  • Ability to intern for more than 3 credit hours during a semester (up to 12 credit hours of Political Science credit – more than 12 credit hours can then be taken as Free Electives)
  • Opportunities to intern more than once in different semesters before graduation

Political Science Internship Coordinator:

Dr. Joshua Spero, Professor of Political Science
Phone: 978.665.3214
Email: jspero@fitchburgstate.edu

For possible internship scholarship support, please coordinate closely with Dr. Spero and Finance Counselor, Ms. Andrea Johnston when considering the submission of the Financial Aid Office's State University Internship Incentive Program form (SUIIP), ensuring you qualify for its requirements.

Internship Placements for Previous Interns

(Please note that other internship sites can be arranged):

  • Boston Student Advisory Council at Boston Public School Headquarters
  • City Commissions of Fitchburg
  • City Council of Fitchburg
  • City Solicitor of Fitchburg (including law office of Pusateri Law Partners)
  • District Attorney's Office (Essex County)
  • Fitchburg Historical Society
  • Malden Courthouse
  • Massachusetts Environmental Police (Westborough)
  • Massachusetts Department of Public Health's Mass in Motion Initiative in MetroWest (Hudson, MA)
  • MASSPIRG - on-campus or off-campus
  • Mediation Services of North Central MA (Leominster)
  • Montachusett Regional Planning Commission (Leominster-Fitchburg)
  • Office of the Mayor of Fitchburg (including: Community Development, Economic Development, and Health Departments)
  • Office of the Mayor of Leominster (including: Planning and Development Department)
  • Office of the Town Manager of Ayer
  • Office of U.S. Congressman James McGovern (Leominster) - competitive
  • Office of U.S. Congresswoman Lori Trahan (Acton, Fitchburg, Hudson, Lawrence, Lowell) - competitive
  • Office of the State Senator in the Worcester and Middlesex District (Fitchburg Office)
  • Office of the State Representative for Fitchburg and the State Representative for Leominster (other MA State Representative offices available depending on student's location preferences)
  • Office of U.S. Senator Edward Markey (Boston) - competitive
  • Office of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (Boston) - competitive
  • LaPointe Law Office (Winchendon)
  • Pawlak & Higgins Law Partners (Fitchburg)
  • Pusateri Law Partners (Fitchburg)
  • Worcester Courthouse (Superior Court)
  • Worcester Refugee and Immigrant Assistance Center

Political Science Internships Over the Years:

Fall 2021:

  • Ms. Rebecca Hess (MA State Representative Michael Kushmerek's Office)
  • Mr. Pedro Soares (MA State Representative Michael Kushmerek's Office)

Spring 2021:

  • Ms. Samantha Beauchamp (US Congresswoman Lori Trahan's Office)
  • Ms. Emily Beauvais (Three Pyramids, Inc.)
  • Mr. Liam Celuzza (Research Results)
  • Ms. Theresa Dzierwinski (International Institute of New England)
  • Ms. Rebecca Hess (MA State Representative Michael Kushmerek's Office)
  • Mr. Benjamin Hill (MASSPIRG/Fitchburg State University)
  • Mr. Ian McGuirk (MA State Senate John Cronin's Office)
  • Mr. Shaughn O'Halloran-Ciccolo (MA State Representative Michael Kushmerek's Office)
  • Mr. Sani Zuntu (MA State Representative Michael Kushmerek's Office and MA State Representative Jessica Gianinno's Office)

Fall 2020: 

  • Ms. Samantha Beauchamp (Boston Governor’s Office)
  • Ms. Emily Beauvais (MASSPIRG); 
  • Ms. Theresa Dziewinski (Election Campaign of Fitchburg State Representative)
  • Ms. Brianna Leone (Pusateri & Wilson Law Firm)
  • Ms. Autumn Tyler (Election Campaign of Fitchburg State Representative)    

Spring 2020:

  • Mr. Connor Boland (Fitchburg City Agencies: Community Development Department & City Clerk's Offices)
  • Mr. Andrew Harrington (Fitchburg Mayor's Office)
  • Ms. Kajahna Matos (Lawrence District and Superior Court/Public Defender Division)
  • Ms. Sharie Melendez (Law Office of Fitchburg Attorney Vaillancourt)
  • Mr. Luis Reveron (Fitchburg City Clerk's Office and Fitchburg Human Resources Department)
  • Ms. Rehema Rwakabuba (International Institute of New England/Lowell)
  • Mr. Kai Wilson (Fitchburg City Clerk's Office; Fitchburg Historical Society)

Summer & Fall 2019:

  • Ms. Crystal Aneke (Boston Student Advisory Council at Boston Public School Headquarters)
  • Mr. Matthew Murphy (State Representative Driscoll's Office, State House in Boston)
  • Mr. Timothy Enwright (LaPointe Law Office, Winchendon)
  • Ms. Hannah Pollan (Fitchburg Mayor's Office)

Spring 2019:

  • Ms. Ashley Cournoyer (Fusaro, Altomare & Ermilio, P.C.)
  • Mr. Haviland Fleming (City of Fitchburg Mayor's Office)
  • Ms. Theresa Klobucher (Pusateri & Wilson Law Firm)
  • Ms. Sharie Melendez (Worcester Court House)
  • Ms. Hailey O'Brien (Fitchburg State Senator Tran's Office)
  • Mr. Alexander Ramos (US Congressman McGovern's Office/Leominster)

Fall 2018:

  • Mr. Matthew Badagliacca (Fitchburg State Representative Hay's Office)
  • Ms. Arminda Baptista (Pusateri & Wilson Law Firm)
  • Mr. Arno Bounphasaysohn (City of Fitchburg Mayor's Office; Community Development)
  • Ms. Shaina Cruel-Reynoso (City of Fitchburg Council Chairman's Office)
  • Mr. Anthony Ferrari (Worcester Court House)
  • Ms. Zoë Frati (City of Fitchburg Mayor's Office)
  • Ms. Jasmin Pezzella (City of Fitchburg Mayor's Office; Community Development)

Spring and Summer 2018:

  • Mr. Connor Balous (City of Fitchburg Mayor's Office/Health Department)
  • Ms. Kajahna Matos (Victim Witness Services Department at the Essex County District Attorney's Office)
  • Ms. Miranda Monaghan (Audette, Cordeiro & Violette Attorneys at Law)
  • Mr. Alexander Ramos (City of Fitchburg Mayor's Office)
  • Mr. Troy Sargent (Pawlak & Higgins Law Office)

Fall 2017:

  • Mr. Connor Balous (City of Fitchburg Mayor's Office/Health Department)
  • Mr. Austin Cyganiewicz (Robert Pollock Law Associates)
  • Mr. George Silvia (City of Fitchburg Mayor's Office)

Summer 2017:

  • Mr. Austin Cyganiewicz (Worcester, MA Jeffrey Miller Law Associates)
  • Mr. Aaron Diaz (Pusateri & Wilson Law Firm)
  • Ms. Alejandra Garcia (Andover, MA Hastings, Jamieson & Lipschutz Family Law Group)
  • Mr. Aidan Horgan (City of Fitchburg Mayor's Office)
  • Ms. Regina Pelham (Leominster, MA Office of State Representative Wiggins)
  • Mr. Thomas Satham-Fisette (State House, Boston Office of State Representative Ultrino)
  • Mr. Frank Schembari (City of Fitchburg Mayor's Office/Health Department)

Spring 2017:

  • Ms. Christina Arecy (United Partners of Fitchburg's Office)
  • Mr. Zachary Davis (City of Fitchburg Mayor's Office)
  • Mr. David Demosthenes (City of Fitchburg's Commission on Human Rights)
  • Ms. Devon Moran (City of Fitchburg Solicitor's Office)
  • Ms. Hailey O'Brien (Fitchburg State Representative Hay's Office)
  • Mr. James Sampson (City of Fitchburg Mayor's Office)

Fall 2016:

  • Mr. Sean Burke (Superior Court for Worcester County)
  • Mr. Austin Cyganiewicz (Town of Winchendon, MA Selectmen)
  • Mr. Jonathan DePina (Boyle & Carbone, P.C.)
  • Ms. Amy Johnston (Office of MA State Representative Walsh's Office)
  • Mr. Carl Rodney (Office of Fitchburg State Representative Hay's Office)
  • Mr. Thomas White (Fitchburg Mayor's Office, including Office of the City Solicitor)

Fall 2015:

  • Ms. Abigail Kennefick (Jillian's Lucky Strike, Boston, MA)
  • Mr. Moses Maxi (Pawlak & Higgins Partners, LLC)
  • Ms. Megan Pierce (MA Senator Edward Markey's Boston Office)

Summer 2015:

  • Ms. Danielle Dusablon (Malden, MA Court House)

Fall 2014:

  • Mr. Jeffrey Anderson (REDI Research)
  • Mr. Daniel LaFond (REDI & Twin Cities Community Development Corporation Research)
  • Ms. Shylah Maloney (U.S. Senator Warren & U.S. Congressman McGovern's Offices)

Summer 2014:

  • Ms. Sarina Cerro (Kayyem Governor's Campaign)
  • Mr. Daniel LaFond (REDI Research Internship)

Spring 2014:

  • Mr. Daniel LaFond (REDI-Montachusett Regional Planning Commission)
  • Ms. Alexandra Siegel (WCVB Boston Channel 5/Cityline Chronicle)

Fall 2013:

  • Mr. Daniel LaFond (REDI Research and Administrative Internship)
  • Ms. Alexandra Moore (REDI Research and Administrative Internship)

Summer 2013:

  • Mr. Travis Rearick (REDI Research and Administrative Internship: "Cost of Living, Economic Development Indicators, and Workforce Training and Development")

Spring 2013:

  • Mr. David Chen (REDI Research and Administrative Internship: "Cost of Living & Economic Development Indicators")
  • Ms. Megan Gonzalez (REDI Research and Administrative Internship: "Cost of Living & Economic Development Indicators")

Spring 2012:

  • Mr. Matthew Gordon (REDI Research and Administrative Internships - Montachusett Regional Planning Commission in Fitchburg, MA)
  • Mr. Mitchell Williams (REDI Research and Administrative Internship: Leominster Housing Authority in Leominster, MA)
  • Mr. Shane Burdick (REDI Research and Administrative Internship: Leominster Housing Authority in Leominster, MA)
  • Ms. Emma Weisman (REDI Research and Administrative Internship: "Cost of Living & Economic Development Indicators")
  • Mr. Thomas Roufos (REDI Research and Administrative Internship: "Expanding Marketing Plan")

Fall 2011:

  • Mr. Nathan LaRose (Fitchburg, MA Mayor's Office)
  • Ms. Sarah Schneider (Ayer, MA Town Manager's Office)
  • Mr. Philip Sandy (REDI/Political Science Internship - "Building Networking Plan")
  • Mr. Michael Marchetti (REDI/Economic Internship - "Building Economic Indicators Matrix")
  • Mr. Thomas Roufos (International Business Internship - "Building Marketing Plan")

Summer 2011:

  • Mr. Piergiacomo Mion (Political Science Internship Abroad in Vicenza, Italy Chamber of Deputies - Italy)

Spring 2011:

  • Mr. Jeffrey Anderson (REDI Internship Project on Leominster Housing Authority "Mechanic Street" Development)
  • Mr. Matthew Sullivan (REDI-Massachusetts Broadband Institute/Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Internship)