The Washington Center Academic and Internship Program

Transform your major into an exciting career while living, working and learning with a Washington, D.C. internship.

Student Spotlights

About the Program

Fitchburg State University students have long participated in The Washington Center  (TWC) Internship Program to gain valuable career building experiences and advance their studies and long-term goals.

Not only do our students gain significant career-building skills and experiences in their internship placements, but TWC also provides an excellent living and learning environment with participants from around the country and throughout the world. TWC interns live in TWC's conveniently located housing:


Students earn up to 12 Fitchburg State credit hours in summer TWC sessions and 15 credit hours during semester sessions. Credits usually go toward the student's major, but can also qualify for free electives.

Cost and Financial Aid

Different types of financial support packages exist for students, inclusive of TWC and Fitchburg State scholarships when available and dependent on grade point average/residency.

Massachusetts residents with a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher are automatically considered for limited $6,500 state scholarships ($1,300 contingent on use of TWC housing). No additional application is required, and scholarships are first come, first served for the fall, spring, and summer programs.

Students arrange their individual TWC and Fitchburg State (credit hours/fees) financing directly with the University's Finance Office in the Financial Aid Office (Room 108 of the Anthony Student Service Center) by making an appointment with  Finance Counselor, Andrea Johnston at

Please also coordinate directly with Dr. Spero about the possibility of obtaining a scholarship to cover some costs via the State of Massachusetts State University Internship Scholarship Application (SUIIP).

Who You Should Contact

Dr. Joshua Spero, Professor of Political Science/International Relations, works closely with each Fitchburg State student to advise about TWC and internships, hosts TWC representatives at our University for information sessions, guides throughout TWC's application process, and coordinates on TWC, as well as Fitchburg State scholarships. Dr. Spero's Office is in Miller Hall 306. He can be contacted at

Applying to TWC

To draft The Washington Center's application, in coordination with Dr. Spero, please follow these three steps:

  1. Research TWC programs, eligibility and sample internships
  2. Start a TWC Online Application
  3. Draft your Statement of Professional Interest, Resume and Essay

Need More Information?

Fitchburg State TWC Alumni

Read about our Spring 2020 Fitchburg State student experiences at TWC and Professor Spero can put you in contact with them!

Past Internships / Hall of Interns

The following lists our Fitchburg State students, where they've interned, and their majors, as it provides an important overview of the exciting placements Fitchburg State students have experienced since 2001.
  • Mr. Michael Adomako, Greenisland Bakery (Economics Major)
  • Mr. Tristan Bourgeois, RetireSafe (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Ashley Dubois, Voices for a Second Chance (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Mr. Deven Muldoon, Same Day Processing (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Ms. Isabelle Ream, Jubilee Housing (Criminal Justice and Psychological Science Double Major)
  • Ms. Ruthny Bonnet, Jubilee Housing (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Ms. Courtney Ingersoll, National Legal Aid and Defense Associates (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Mr. Arno Bounphasaysonh, InterAction (Political Science Major)
  • Mr. Joshua Blair, Dacor Bacon House/Ringgold Marshall Museum (History Major)
  • Mr. Nicholas Coddington, American Public Transportation Association (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Mr. Anthony Collins (Internal Revenue Service)
  • Mr. Christopher Dickey, United States Marshals Service's D.C. Superior Court (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Ms. Meryem Majaoudou (The Potomac Advocates)
  • Mr. Joshua Mandaglio, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (Political Science Major)
  • Mr. Matthew Murphy, Federal Practice Group (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Hannah Pollan, National Association for Federally Impacted Schools (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Megghan Duffy, RespectAbility (Psychological Science Major)
  • Ms. Kathryn Evancic, American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (Psychological Science Major)
  • Ms. Theresa Klobucher, Federal Trade Commission (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Danielle Neild, Caregiver Action Network (Human Services Major)
  • Ms. Elizabeth Pauleus, Lawyers Without Borders (Political Science Major)
  • Mr. Philip Spadano, Open World Leadership Center (Political Science Major
  • Mr. Collin Carollo, El-Hibri Foundation (Political Science Major)
  • Mr. Ethan Comrie, U.S. Marshals Service (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Mr. Nicholas Fortin, Household and Commercial Products Association (Economics Major)
  • Mr. Gonzalo Camprecious Gari, The Chwat Group (Business Administration Major)
  • Mr. James Sampson, The Potomac Advocates (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Jewelia Smith, Voices for a Second Chance (Human Services Major)
  • Ms. Katrina Syrakos, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Ms. Jessica Amado, National Association of Attorneys General (Human Services Major)
  • Mr. Seth Godin, U.S. Marshals Service (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Mr. Stephen Lenane, National Association of Federally Impacted Schools (Education Major)
  • Ms. Yesica Miranda, Public Allies (Human Services Major)
  • Ms. Tiana Padgett, United Planning Organization (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Mr. Nathaniel Thomas, The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law (English Studies Major)
  • Mr. Malik Alfred, U.S. Department of Labor/Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Ms. Angela Borrero, The Center For Responsible Travel (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Ms. Abigail Kennefick, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Dionne Joseph, RespectAbilityUSA/Maryland (Human Services Major)
  • Ms. Sahrah Marcellin, Department of Health and Human Services/Federal Occupational Health Agency (Human Services Major)
  • Ms. Yaritza Perez, Contigo International (Human Services Major)
  • Ms. Yerlina Santos, Serve DC/The District of Columbia Mayor’s Office on Volunteerism (Human Services Major)
  • Ms. Rose Thomas, Double R Productions/Washington (Communications Media/Theater Major)
  • Ms. Paola Veras, The American Democracy Project (Human Services Major)
  • Ms. Ashley Macdonald, Shared Hope International (Human Services Major)
  • Mr. Joseph Richardson, Same Day Process (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Ms. Alexandra Valdez, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (Communications Media and Political Science)
  • Mr. Carmen Bordonaro, U.S. Department of State/Bureau of Diplomatic Security (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Ms. Shylah Maloney, DuBoff and Associates (Political Science Major)
  • Mr. Bruce Moschetti, United Planning Organization (Political Science Major)
  • Mr. Maximin Rocheleau, United States Marshal Service/Tactical Operations Division, Office of Crisis Services (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Mr. Jeffrey Thomas, Maryland Public Defenders (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Mr. Michael Curtis, Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Allyson Gnoza, For Love of Children (Education Major)
  • Mr. Christopher Humphrey, Jack Evans Washington DC Mayoral Campaign (Political Science Major)
  • Mr. Jared Lakin, Sirens Media Productions (Communications Media Major)
  • Mr. Kon Reevers, Washington, DC Attorney General’s Office (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Megan Andrew, US Attorney General’s Office -- Civil Division (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Mr. Daniel Bolam, US Marshal Service (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Mr. David Chen, LTL Strategies (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Bethany Jones, US Department of the Interior/Office of Emergency Management (Human Services Major)
  • Ms. Rachya Kayastha, US Food/Drug Administration (Biology Major)
  • Mr. Mark Millett, US Representative Michael Ross’s Office (History Major)
  • Ms. Alexandria Richard, US Department of Justice/Interpol (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Ms. Karen Skoczylas, US Department of Justice/Interpol (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Ms. Chantille Zaharee, The Peace Corps (Interdisciplinary Studies Major: International Studies, Political Science, and History)
  • Ms. Kathryn Antaya, Choice, Inc. (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Mr. Anthony Cornacchia, US Senator Richard Lugar’s Office (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Ashley Devlaminck, The Peace Corps (History Major)
  • Ms. Amy Gonyea, US Marshals Service (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Ms. Teresa Rowan, Becky’s Fund (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Ms. Killian Casey, Naval Criminal Investigative Service (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Mr. Kevin Devlin, US Marshal Service (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Mr. Jacob Gage, US Department of Justice/Interpol (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Mr. Eric Gregoire, Akerman Senterfitt, LLP (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Sara Chalifoux, US Department of Health and Human Services (Communications Media)
  • Mr. Jason Zaki, National Defense University/College of International Security Affairs (Political Science)
  • Mr. Daniel Dembkowski, US Department of Justice/Interpol (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Mr. Ralph Hogan, National Defense University/Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Lan Lieu, Offender Aid and Restoration (Political Science/Criminal Justice Double Major)
  • Ms. Danielle Rivers, The Campaign Company (TWC London) – (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Vivian Bomatay, US Department of Homeland Security/US Citizenship and Immigration Services (Political Science Major)
  • Mr. Alexander King, Terrorism Research Center, LLC (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Jessica Guiney, Terrorism Research Center (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Amerlynn Porter, Robinson Law Firm (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Ms. Jenna Sardano, Montgomery County Office of the Public Defender (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Mr. Matthew Skinner, US Environmental Protection Agency/Clean Air Markets Division (Political Science Major)
  • Mr. Timothy Casey, National Committee on North Korea (Political Science Major)
  • Mr. Jason Cole, US Inter-American Development Bank/Executive Director’s Office (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Danielle Corsino, Amnesty International (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Natasha Lewis, US Attorney General/Child Protection Division (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Ann Lyons, Constituency for Africa (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Sevil Modeste, Offender Aid and Restoration of Arlington County (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Ms. Miranda Profit, BITS Financial Services Roundtable (Political Science and History Double Major)



  • Mr. Nathan Forest, Fleishman Hillard Government Relations (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Wendy Lizotte, Montgomery County Office of the Public Defender (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Ms. Jessica Smith, Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Stacy Cronin, The DC Office of the Corporation Counsel (Criminal Justice Major)
  • Ms. Anastasia Ludden, US Commission on Civil Rights (Political Science Major)
  • Mr. Mark Malboeuf, US Department of State/Office of Education and Cultural Affairs (Political Science and History Double Major)
  • Ms. Mary Gallant, National League of Women Voters (Political Science Major)
  • Ms. Karen Shatin, US Department of State/Office of International Visitors (Political Science Major)