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Portrait of Professor Daniel Sarefield

Graduate students are excited about history and self-motivated in a way that makes them a pleasure to work with.

Daniel Sarefield
Winner of the 2023 Contributions to the Graduate Program Award
Adem Elveren headshot

I have always been interested in social and economic inequalities as someone raised in a poor family in an underdeveloped city in Turkey.

Adem Elveren
Winner of the 2023 Faculty Award for Research and Scholarship
Oscar Burgos Pimentel interning in Washington DC

It's surreal. I like the fact that I'm in the center of everything.

In the Center of Everything
Oscar Burgos Pimentel '23 on his Washington DC internship
Conlon Hickey and Sigma Tau Gamma brothers in front of Edgerly Hall

Greek life immediately felt like home. At the end of the day, it’s a true brotherhood. This is my family.

Building a Better Community
Conlon Hickey '24
Alumni Trustee Eric Gregoire '11

From the very beginning I loved the opportunity to get to know students and their concerns, and to give voice to their concerns in a productive way.

Transforming Lives
Eric Gregoire ‘11
David Demosthenes '17 on quad in front of Edgerly Hall

When you graduate, you don’t just have a degree. I made sure those four years of growth weren’t just academic growth.

Growing Holistically
David Demosthenes ‘17
Alumna Rebecca Hess '22

My political science simulations taught me communications and management skills. Even if I don’t agree with you, I can understand your position so we can try to meet in the middle.

Point of Contact
Rebecca Hess '22 is putting her customer service and political science skills to work