Our Stories

Mallory-Anne Perron '14 is a nurse at Brigham and Womens Hospital
Mallory-Anne Perron '14 is a nurse at Brigham and Womens Hospital

I don’t feel like a hero. I took an oath to take care of people and that’s all that I’m trying to do.

The New Reality
Mallory-Anne Perron '14
Joseph Baeta '92

All of us are being asked to do things differently, so none of us feels alone. I think the way teachers work is going to change.

Total Non-Normal
Joseph Baeta '92
Alexandra Valdez '15 at Boston City Hall

It feels amazing to see more and more students at Fitchburg State who want to get engaged. It’s so close and dear to me to see young Latinos and people of color, because I totally know what they’re going through.

Failure Was Not an Option
Getting a College Degree Was Not a Foregone Conclusion for Alexandra Valdez '15
Catherine Buell teaching

While we practice using contingency tables and finding probabilities, we are looking at the issue of constitutionality and racial profiling in the practice.

Social Justice by the Numbers
Real-world examples are making mathematics more accessible to students
Police Program 3rd ROC

At Fitchburg State, we were taught that communication is everything in this job. In the real world, that has held true. The ability to effectively communicate with people is the most important tool to have and I feel Fitchburg State prepared me for that.

Police Program graduates make their mark in Hopkinton
Fitchburg State graduates well-represented at Hopkinton Police Department
Headshot of Christopher Medley, Director of Housing

Assessment is more than just numbers and emerging themes. The process provides data by which we can create and modify services that are truly student centered.

Christopher Medley
Director of Housing and Residential Services
Portrait of Susannah Whipps '12

I know very few people I grew up with who are doing what they thought they would be doing at 16 or 17 years old. I tell young people, ‘Go to a state school, figure out what you really want to do.’ We’re so fortunate in Massachusetts to have the public higher education system we have. We’re a leader in the country.

A Non-Traditional Student
Susannah M. Whipps ’12 cultivates a passion for lifelong learning as a legislator
Photo of alumna Liza McFadden Class of 1983

The same level of detail (in a classroom assignment) goes into writing a bill. You have to think about, ‘How does that line connect to this line, and then to that line.’ It’s the same process.

A Passion for Literacy
For Liza McFadden ‘83, helping kids learn to read is the greatest gift