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Thumbnail of mural created by alumni and faculty in downtown Fitchburg

The health of a city is often seen mostly in economic terms, but public art projects can shift the focus to the creative, cultural richness of the community and its role in urban revitalization.

Painting a Brighter Future
Alumni and faculty part of public art project in downtown Fitchburg
Ryan C Normand at MassDigi game internship Summer 2022

Not only are we working together to craft a polished game over about three months, we also learn so much from the different educational experiences, backgrounds and talents that everyone involved brings with them.

Learning Through Experience
Ryan C. Normand '22 enjoys summer game design internship
Oscar Burgos Pimentel interning in Washington DC

It's surreal. I like the fact that I'm in the center of everything.

In the Center of Everything
Oscar Burgos Pimentel '23 on his Washington DC internship
Daniel Robinson graduating May 2022

For the past 10 years I kept telling myself it was too late, that I was never going to be able to finish. I realized I was the only thing holding me back.

This Journey Has Just Begun
Daniel Robinson '22 realized it wasn't too late to finish his degree
Female student smiling in library near windows with campus building in background

People think that Greek life is superficial, or only about partying but it’s not. It’s business meetings and planning fundraisers, and collaborating with other clubs. The whole point of it is philanthropy and helping others.

Helping Others
Evynand Akombi ‘22
Linnea D’Acchille ‘22 standing with football in Fitchburg State training facility

You’re not always going to have win after win after win. The biggest thing is you have to do your job. We win or we lose as a team, but everyone has to do their job as a team.

Doing Her Job
Linnea D’Acchille ‘22
Conlon Hickey and Sigma Tau Gamma brothers in front of Edgerly Hall

Greek life immediately felt like home. At the end of the day, it’s a true brotherhood. This is my family.

Building a Better Community
Conlon Hickey '24
A photo of student Miranda Gustin in front of the library

I woke up on May 1, the decision day, and put on a Fitchburg State sweatshirt. I felt in my heart that this was where I was supposed to be.

Where I Was Supposed to Be
Miranda Gustin ‘23
Brian McGrath '22 hockey player on the rink at civic center

One of my best friends came here the year before me, and then Coach (Dean) Fuller ended up giving me a call and invited me to check it out. I met the team and loved the campus.

Grace Under Pressure
Brian McGrath ‘22