Our Stories

Heidi Cowley '11

I had to think about how to reach my students online, and that’s when I started with the idea of a book. I draw a lot of coloring pages that kids have at school, so I was thinking about a series of those that kids could download. And then it grew into an actual children’s book.

Reaching Each Other
Heidi Cowley '11
Julia Miele '22 with lacrosse stick at Elliot Field

If I’m there, I’m going to put 110% effort in, and we’ll see what happens. My mindset is, we’re already here, we might as well make the most of it. 

Making the Most of It
Julia Miele ‘22
Photo of Muhammad "Moose" Mahmood

Our Black community is in danger. This isn’t breaking news, but it should be breaking hearts.

A Show of Unity
Members of the campus community showed support for Black Lives Matter
David Demosthenes '17 on quad in front of Edgerly Hall

When you graduate, you don’t just have a degree. I made sure those four years of growth weren’t just academic growth.

Growing Holistically
David Demosthenes ‘17
Hate Has No Home Here signage on quad

Our goal is to hear voices we don’t always hear. Our students are so smart, and so connected, we want to hear all the solutions they have.

Hearing Voices We Don't Always Hear
Faculty and Librarian-Led Initiatives Combat Racism and Bias
Kerry McManus '22 at podium with a gavel

I liked the people in SGA, and I loved the work. I’ve never been the person to needlessly complain. I like to do something about it.

Pushing Myself
Kerry McManus ‘22
First year seminar teaching

What I’ve tried to do in the program is to help students self-advocate and to help them understand how academic settings work.

Building a Community of Support
An investment in student success strategies is closing achievement gaps
Brian McGrath '22 hockey player on the rink at civic center

One of my best friends came here the year before me, and then Coach (Dean) Fuller ended up giving me a call and invited me to check it out. I met the team and loved the campus.

Grace Under Pressure
Brian McGrath ‘22
Photo of Manuela Medina Sanchez '21

We want to empower students to be the authors of their own stories. It’s really about rethinking what this center can do to amplify voices that are most silenced in this society.

Giving Voice to the Voiceless
The Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness is being reimagined for changing times
Linnea D’Acchille ‘22 standing with football in Fitchburg State training facility

You’re not always going to have win after win after win. The biggest thing is you have to do your job. We win or we lose as a team, but everyone has to do their job as a team.

Doing Her Job
Linnea D’Acchille ‘22