Our Stories

Portrait of student Mohamed Elsayyad Class of 2022

Studying philosophy definitely helped me analyze the different dimensions of a problem. Philosophy is a concept that can be applied to real-life issues. It’s not a book sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

Justice, Truth and Knowledge
Ethical Reasoning is a cornerstone of the new general education program
Mallory-Anne Perron '14 is a nurse at Brigham and Womens Hospital

I don’t feel like a hero. I took an oath to take care of people and that’s all that I’m trying to do.

The New Reality
Mallory-Anne Perron '14
Portrait of student Madelyn Covino in library

One of my English assignments was to write two poems at the end of our semester. I didn't know what to write. After the class, I ended up reading books and enjoying them more, even poetry.

Applied Learning
The Undergraduate Research Conference spotlights student work
Joseph Baeta '92

All of us are being asked to do things differently, so none of us feels alone. I think the way teachers work is going to change.

Total Non-Normal
Joseph Baeta '92
Matthew Costello '13 alum in front of Edgerly Hall with smokestack in background

Leaving law school and going into the workforce, I really leaned on my time in student government and the Board of Trustees. These experiences were really instrumental in giving me the confidence to say, I belong here.

I Belong Here
Matthew Costello ‘13
Kristen Laquidara

I came to Fitchburg State not knowing anyone except for my freshman year roommate. I’ve met lots and lots of people. There is not a time I walk across campus and don't see someone that I know, and I have both Dance Club and Greek life to thank for that.

On Top of Every Detail
Kristen Laquidara ‘22
Alexandra Valdez '15 at Boston City Hall

It feels amazing to see more and more students at Fitchburg State who want to get engaged. It’s so close and dear to me to see young Latinos and people of color, because I totally know what they’re going through.

Failure Was Not an Option
Getting a College Degree Was Not a Foregone Conclusion for Alexandra Valdez '15
Laurie Furtado '22 on quad in quiddich hat

I had never led something before. This was the first time that people were looking at me, and I had to be in charge. That will help in the classroom, and it was the first step out of my comfort zone.

Embracing the Genuinely Silly
Laurie Furtado ‘22
Catherine Buell teaching

While we practice using contingency tables and finding probabilities, we are looking at the issue of constitutionality and racial profiling in the practice.

Social Justice by the Numbers
Real-world examples are making mathematics more accessible to students