Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs

We offer short-term faculty-led programing across the disciplines during Spring Break, Summer, and Winter Break.
Faculty-led courses usually count for 3 credits and require no transfer of credit. Each faculty-led program is unique but tend to meet on campus before the trip, and once or twice after returning from traveling.


Spring Break 

  • Introduction to Peace Studies in Ireland with Professor Eric Budd
  • Rhetoric in Greece Communications Program in Greece with Professor J.J. Sylvia
  • Culture Program in Spain with Professor Keyvan Karabousian
  • Nashville Music Group in Nashville with Professor Amy McGlothin


  • GIS / Geographical Sciences in Peru with Professors Huang and Parsons
  • Arts and Game Design Program in Japan with Professor Jeff Warmouth


  • Tropical Ecology Program in Costa Rica with Professor Chris Picone
  • Nursing Program in Ghana with Professors Akwasi Duah and Deborah Benes
  • History and Eat, Speak, Italian Program in Verona with Professors Dan Sarefield and Rala Diakite
  • Facilitating English Language Program in Spain with Professors Felicia Farron-Davis and Scott Tyner
  • Theatre Program in Scotland with Professor Kelly Morgan