Study Abroad Student Testimonials

Our students reflect on their experiences abroad. 

Dr. Maldari is a phenomenal professor, and did a wonderful job with helping us comfortably experience the shocks of being abroad. She really took the time and effort to make sure we were always comfortable and having fun, while still fitting it into a great learning experience! Being able to stay in Italy for one month, really opened my eyes on what peace really feels like. We learned firsthand about the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle. I loved visiting all the different places to eat, numerous churches, and of course the gorgeous scenery. No matter where I walked, there was always something beautiful to look at. Outside of our class time, we luckily got to visit Padua, Milan, and Venice, which were all amazing and fun to experience - especially with my friends/classmates!

Kris L'Heureux
Mediterranean Lifestyle and Diet Verona Program 2023

I would say the biggest highlight for me was the celebration of the friendship between Fitchburg, Mass and Kleve, Germany...It showed me how people will happily go above and beyond. Studying abroad has given me the opportunity to see and listen to the stories that are hidden, and it has widened my perspective on life. I highly encourage anyone to study abroad while they're a student.

Sean Krieger
Heart of Europe 2023

Nothing compares to being physically standing where so many events that marked our history happened. That feeling when I think, "Oof, I have been there". I am grateful and honored for the opportunity.

Karla Taveras Guerra
Heart of Europe 2023

I have peace and serenity in the land of the rising sun. The shrine, the culture, and the people of Japan were great and the food was awesome.

Shariff Chaplin
Game Design in Japan 2023

Studying abroad isn’t comparable to anything else. I was able to see environmental issues that I learned about in the classroom at the same time as seeing a new country, trying local foods, meeting new people, and visiting Machu Picchu.

Mary Kate Moreau
GIS/Environmental Mapping in Peru 2023

Having to learn and experience a whole different culture in another country is such a fascinating idea. Coming to Japan, I’ve met so many amazing people, made beautiful memories with them, explored lots of fascinating places, and ate amazing food. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to travel and to be a part of the study abroad program. I would definitely visit again!

Kenny Huynh
Game Design in Japan 2023

Coming to Hawai'i, I was unsure if I could get a real cultural experience while still being in the U.S. What I've learned though is that culture isn't about location it's about the people you meet.

Kaitlin Smith
Oahu, Hawaii - Spring 2018

The experience of a lifetime!

Anthony Berry
Cape Verde, Africa - Spring 2017

My eyes were open wide the whole time and I wish it lasted a lifetime longer than 10 days. If you have any doubts in whether to go abroad, just go for it, you will not regret it one bit. 

Racheal Provencher
Krakow, Poland - Spring 2017

Every part of the trip was my favorite, and it’s one of the most unique and unforgettable experiences I have had, and I can’t wait go again.

Imani Hunter
Japan - Fall 2017

Traveling to a different country broadened my perspective on my place in the world and at the same time made me more sympathetic to others’ perspective as well.

Jessica Blouin
Italy - Spring 2016

Studying abroad is an irreplaceable experience. Few people come back unchanged or unaffected by it. Sorrento became my home quicker than I thought it ever would.

Katrina Syrakos
Sorrento, Italy - Spring 2016

Visiting various game companies and seeing games that are a work in progress definitely shed light to my eyes on the reality of game design. Though everyone had their own separate desk and workspace there was definitely unity because of how everything being worked on was going to be part of a whole video game.

Brandon Voeuk
Japan - Spring 2016

Living in Italy for three wonderful weeks seemed so surreal to me. I was learning while having fun, I learned in and outside of the classroom. I had the opportunity to stay in a country full of history, arts and some exotics foods.

Elizabeth Pauleus
Italy - Spring 2017

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