Exchange Programs With Foreign Universities

What is an exchange program?

These programs offer a traditional exchange experience, and include you paying Fitchburg State tuition & fees as you normally would. Students participating on a faculty led program must request an official transcript. Additional fees would come in the form of transportation costs, housing and a student visa.

Imani Hunter with a certificate from Reitaku University

Imani Hunter studied Japanese language and culture through our exchange program at Reitaku University during Fall 2018!

How do I apply?

If you would like to apply to any of these universities, complete an application. Exchange programs and any provider-led programs include courses taught at foreign universities and require additional paperwork (the Preliminary Registration Approval Form (PDF), or "PRAF,") for credits to transfer.

See the Study Abroad Advisor for assistance with this form, and we will work with your Departmental Advisor and the Registrar for course approvals.

*Prices are subject to change according to currency conversion rate fluctuations.

Where can I study on an exchange program?

Currently, we offer exchange programs with foreign universities in the following countries:

Business students who are interested in China should consider this exciting opportunity to study the language and culture of China as they attend a Business School in beautiful Hangzhou.

This university offers a wide array of courses *taught in English* in the Applied Sciences Program including International Studies, as well as a "Fab Lab." Students can travel easily from the border town of Kleve to the Netherlands by bicycle or shuttle.

This university offers many opportunities for students in the Communications Department & students interested in the "Business" of Communication to take courses and get hands on experience, all living in the beautiful region of Bavaria.

Our newest university partner offers students the opportunity to live outside of Tokyo and participate in courses in English.

This university offers a range of courses *taught in English* in the Faculty of Global and Science Studies. This university also offers some exciting internship possibilities as well as inexpensive housing on campus.


For more information on our exchange programs with foreign universities, please contact us!