Celebrating the Communications Media Department's best student work in 2020 and 2021.
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Visions is the juried honors showcase of the year's best original student work in the Communications Media Department. The entire campus and local community looks forward to this annual event, which consists of a gallery art exhibition, a film/video screening, and a presentation forum.

Visions 2020 & 2021 Events

April 28: Virtual Gallery Launches

Links to Theater Showcase, Film/Video Selections, along with exhibits for Professional Communication, Photography, Graphic Design, and Game Design will be posted here on Wednesday, April 28th.

April 28 at 4 PM Alumni Panel

Communications Media and Game Design alumni will discuss their various career paths and answer questions from students.

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Alumni panelists include:

  • Brandy Sales (Film/Video, 2002)
  • Carrolee Moore (Pro Comm/Graphic Design, 2009)
  • Elise Luskin (Photography, 2012)
  • Angela Renzi (Theater/Pro Comm, 2017)
  • Ryan Hallisey (Game, 2019)

May 6 at 7 PM Film/Video Talkback Session

Students filmmakers and Film/Video professors will discuss projects showcased in Visions 2020 & 2021.

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