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The Graphic Design minor offers students across campus an opportunity to become fluent in the creative thinking and practice of the visual language of graphic design. The graphic designer’s role is often a key part of modern communication in giving visual form to a wide array of information.

The course sequence and electives offer students a strong working foundation in graphic design and enable them to develop creative skills mastering the visual literacy underlying today’s complex forms of communication in print and the internet to augment their principal areas of study.

Curriculum and Requirements

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Motion Design Compilation 1 from Jon Krasner 

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Explore the expressive qualities of typographic form and investigate visual relationships between type and image.
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Color Dynamics

Experience color through visual experiments to understand its perceptual, emotive, communicative, and technical aspects in both analog and digital (interaction and motion) forms. 
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Intro to Graphic Design

Learn the foundations of graphic design and visual literacy while developing proficiency with digital production tools and processes.
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Typography Printmaking

Students go "old School" - creating prints with letter blocks, ink, and a printing press.
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Font Design Student Work Exhibition

Font design students prepared their own works for the exhibition.
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