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Communications Media
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In Short

The Communications Studies concentration provides for advanced studies of the theoretical constructs necessary for strategic analysis, design, application, research, and evaluation of a variety of media systems.

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Program Overview

The concentration provides foundational preparation for graduate studies in communications and a number of related fields.

NOTE: This concentration may only be taken after one of the following communications media concentrations:

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Experiential Opportunities


Each year students are given the opportunity to submit original work to be juried and possibly selected for our honors art exhibition, VISIONS. This is a showcase of the year's best student work. VISIONS involves a gallery exhibition and a film/video screening.
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Communications Media Internships


Internships are a great opportunity to get valuable, real-world experiences before entering a competitive job market.
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Study Abroad

Faculty-led study abroad course opportunities increase student life-transforming experiences, as do student/faculty cooperative research projects.
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Curriculum and Other Information

B.S. in Communications Media

  • Students should demonstrate proficiency in the core tools and skills of their discipline.
  • Students should be able to apply aesthetic principles to their work by developing and defending a portfolio that demonstrates craftship and meets professional standards for their discipline.
  • Students should be able to explain how their work fits in the historical and theoretical context of their discipline.
  • Students should apply core theoretical principles to the analysis and critique of media.
  • Students should recognize and apply ethical perspectives to their work.
  • Advertising Manager
  • Communications Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Journalist
  • Researcher
  • Social Media Manager
  • Teacher/Educator