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When Healing Means Finding Your Role in the (R)evolution

An Idea to Consider...

Connect with a few other friends and read through this list. Commit to something on this list that you can do now. Continue meeting with this group weekly for a short period of time (virtually, of course). Do something every day from today until Juneteenth. (Then keep going).

Listening to reduce isolation and create more support: 

We want people to have a lot of support processing what's happening in the world right now. When we have a lot of feelings and we're stuck in isolation, it can be hard to think clearly about what actions we need to take. Right now we need all of our minds to be as clear as possible so that we can show up to address racism and to become actors in creating the "new normal". One way you can do this is to focus on listening to people process their pain, fear, confusion, anger, etc. (If you are a white person, find another white person that can listen to you process your feelings.) 

Get on the phone or zoom or whatever platform you like and agree to take turns talking. 

Start with 5 minutes each. Start with a reflection about the feelings that come up when thinking about what's happening in the world right now. What are you thinking about, wrestling with? What’s on your mind? How does it feel?

During a listening exchange, your job is to feel your feelings with the support of a friend. That's it. And to offer your loving attention to your listening partner when they share their feelings. It's ok if people cry or raise their voice or even if they laugh out of discomfort. This can be helpful to express the feelings. Go ahead and encourage that! 

You do not need to try to fix or even dialogue about the other person's feelings. Don't ask questions or offer advice. Just let/support the feelings to flow. We all need this right now. To know that we aren't alone and to be able to keep all of these feelings from getting in the way of our ability to think clearly about what action we can take.