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Educational Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies presents an opportunity for students to examine broad educational topics from a number of diverse perspectives.

This comprehensive program offers specific interdisciplinary courses and an internship that will bridge educational concepts and principles in political, historical, theoretical, and social contexts. In addition, students in the Educational Studies program will acquire critical understandings of learning and the sociological culture of the classroom, educational institutions, and society.

Graduates of the Educational Studies non-licensure program will have a broad view of education necessary for career paths that require a background in formal and informal educational settings.

This program will not lead to teacher licensure in public schools.

Required Courses

HMSV 1100 Introduction to Human Services 3 cr.
SPED 2210 Understanding Diversity and Disability 3 cr.
EDUC 2300 Foundations of Inclusive Education 3 cr.
SOC 2800 Sociology of Education 3 cr.
SPED 2950 Students with Emotional and ASD 3 cr.
PSY 3500 Psychology of Learning 3 cr.
SPED 3008

SPED 3720

SPED 3510
Applied Behavior Analysis Across Settings


Classroom Behavior Support


Severe Behavior Support


3 cr.

EDUC 3014 Instructional Strategies Across Environments 3 cr.
IDIS 4000 Capstone 3 cr.
EDUC 4003 Educational Studies Internship 12 cr.







The Educational Studies Program offers specific pathways for student success in a chosen career or for further graduate study. The pathway courses are developed in conjunction with their academic advisor and the Educational Studies Coordinator who will assist with career mentoring. The culminating internship connects course work with real life applications. While the pathways include 4-6 classes, students may choose additional free electives to provide further breadth within their identified pathway. Students may also choose to deepen their knowledge by completing a university approved minor.