Art, Drama, or Music Concentration, Creative Arts Therapies, BA

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Teacher and students in ceramics class making coil vessels

In Short

The Creative Arts Therapies major is designed for students interested in learning about arts therapies and how modalities of drama, music and art are utilized in working with children and adults in a variety of settings.

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Program Overview

Arts, psychology and human services come together to create this unique degree program. You will select a concentration in art, drama or music, and get extensive training in that discipline. In addition, you will also take extensive coursework in psychology and human services, participating in pre-clinical practicums. This major prepares you for entry-level positions in human services settings, such as social service agencies, child care programs or specialized school programs and other community settings. It is also designed to prepare you for entry into a professional, Master of Arts degree licensure program in an expressive therapies mode and mental health counseling. 

This program draws on the expertise of faculty in multiple departments, allowing you to form multiple mentoring relationships. This degree is awarded as a Bachelor of Arts (BA), you will complete courses demonstrating intermediate proficiency in a world language, positioning you with versatile clinical skills.

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Experiential Opportunities


Internships are a great opportunity to get valuable, real-world experiences before entering a competitive job market.
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ARTeries is Fitchburg State University Art Department’s annual juried exhibition that showcases the strongest original student work in drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed-media art.
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Concert Band

The Concert Band at Fitchburg State is open to all people with experience playing a band instrument.
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Fitchburg State Choirs

No matter your level of musical experience, there is a place for you in the Fitchburg State Choirs.
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Community Orchestra

The Fitchburg State Community Orchestra is comprised of students, faculty members, and other musicians who live in the Greater Fitchburg community.
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Jazz and Modern Band

The Fitchburg State Jazz and Modern Band "The Fitchbyrds" is open to all students and faculty of Fitchburg State who play ANY instrument. 
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Undergraduate Research Conference

The Undergraduate Research Conference is an annual event where students present work related to course research, creative work in the visual and performing arts, study abroad trips, community service, and much more. 
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Study Abroad

Faculty-led study abroad course opportunities increase student life-transforming experiences, as do student/faculty cooperative research projects.
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Curriculum and Other Information

The learning outcomes of this program include:

  • Demonstrate critical inquiry and analysis skills to engage constructively in intellectual discourse with the art fields
  • Demonstrate knowledge and competency with technologies used in the artistic processes.
  • Develop technical and creative skills in expressive arts modes, performing, or visual arts.
  • Work with performing and visual arts media to communicate thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  • Apply an integrated arts approach in pre-clinical settings.
  • Develop a studio practice in the chosen expressive arts mode.
  • Discuss and write about theoretical perspectives in expressive arts therapies
  • Engage in intellectual discourse within the discipline.
  • Draw upon imagination, play, and improvisation to engage groups and individuals in creative learning experiences.
  • Discuss and present an awareness of personal creative process.
  • Actors
  • Arts Directors
  • Community Health Workers
  • Entertainment and Recreation Managers
  • Healthcare Social Workers
  • Social and Community Service Managers
  • Therapists