Amy McGlothin on sax and male flutist

Want to learn how to play an instrument, or improve your singing voice? Curious about how music works from the inside, or why it sounds the way that it does?

The Music area at Fitchburg State is rich with opportunities for starting, or continuing, your musical development. From vocal and instrumental ensembles, to music history and theory courses, to private lessons, there’s a lot of music to choose from. Find information on upcoming performances and events or contact to get involved!

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Music Opportunities on Campus

Male guitar player on stage

One, two and three-credit courses

Student playing cello

Community Music Program

Visit the program page for an informational packet, lesson offerings and more.


Upcoming Concerts

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Facilities and a Look Inside our Courses and Events

Practice rooms at Fitchburg State University

Practice rooms

Practice rooms are equipped with Boston pianos or Yamaha digital pianos, and are located in the Conlon Fine Arts building. Four Wenger soundproof rooms are can be found on the second floor in room CNFA 264. Four additional practice rooms (CNFA 153-56) are located on the first floor to the left as you enter through the main entrance of the Conlon building. Practice room hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. OneCard swipe access is required for the Wenger practice rooms. See Humanities department secretary in CNFA 263.
The Piano/MIDI Lab at Fitchburg State University

Piano/MIDI Lab

The Piano/MIDI Lab is equipped with seven Yamaha digital piano keyboard stations, a Yamaha synthesizer, notation, sequencing, editing, and theory software. It is located in room 261 of the Conlon Fine Arts building. Class Piano and Music Technology students get priority usage, but it is open to the campus community. Hours are from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. OneCard swipe access is required from the Humanities department secretary in CNFA 263.
Kent Recital Hall

Kent Recital Hall

Kent Recital Hall is equipped with a Steinway B grand piano and seats approximately 300 people.
Weston Auditorium

Weston Auditorium

Weston Auditorium houses a new Steinway Model D grand piano, and is our largest performance space on campus.

Music Classes and Events

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Fitchburg State has allowed me to keep my lifelong passions close to my heart while meeting like-minded individuals! I've worked with my peers towards something bigger than myself. The professors have supported my academic growth immensely which allows me to grow and succeed!

Emily Sandberg '25