Center for Faculty Scholarship

Scholarship is crucial to the culture of the university and supports several Strategic Plan goals (PDF). 

The Center for Faculty Scholarship facilitates the research, scholarship, and creative endeavors of full-time, tenure-track or tenured faculty and librarians across all disciplines. 

The Center supports faculty scholarship by recognizing the faculty achievements in research and creative practice and facilitating dialogues across campus that promote collaborative and interdisciplinary scholarship. We also evaluate funding requests for internal research grants and work closely with the Grants Office to assist those seeking external grant funding. For more timely content like our Facebook page or follow our Twitter account.

Coordinator Information

Portrait of Dr. Eric Budd and Dr. Elisabet Takehana

The Faculty Co-Coordinators, Dr. Eric Budd and Dr. Elisabet Takehana, work collaboratively with the Center’s Advisory Board, department chairs, faculty/librarians, community professionals, administrative staff, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The Center for Faculty Scholarship's Advisory Board members includes Jason Talanian, Michael Hove, Linda LeBlanc, Benjamin Levy, Meledath Govindan, Samuel Tobin, and Hong Yu.


Various sources of internal funding for faculty research and professional development are available.

Internal Grants Timeline

Information on sources of external funding and institutional policies on obtaining such is on the Grant Center webpage. The library has also prepared a research guide on funding opportunities on and off campus and maintains our subscription to the Grant Resource Center, a database where you can create a profile to filter and email you grant opportunities that align with your interests and needs.

Past Presentations on Grant Funding:

Research Guides

The Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio library has prepared research guides of benefit to the faculty.

  • Faculty Publications - Highlights the work of our Faculty with links to published material.
  • Faculty Publishing - Provides resources to help you in deciding where to submit your work for publication and determine what impact your published works are having.​
  • Faculty Services - Describes a full range of library services to support our on-campus, distance learning and extended campus faculty​
  • Faculty Liaisons - Each academic department has a librarian liaison to connect you and your students to library services and the academic resources.

Research Groups and Centers

The Center for Faculty Scholarship hosts several interdisciplinary Google Groups for topics of broad interest across campus that any faculty member can join.

Fitchburg State hosts additional centers that each support select subjects and types of research. Visit their websites for details on their work and opportunities for faculty scholarship support.

Faculty Close-Up/Newsletters

Faculty Awards for outstanding teaching, scholarship, contributions to the graduate program, and community service may be found on the Faculty Awards page.

The Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio library collaborates with the Center for Faculty Scholarship in hosting book talks on newly published faculty work. The library also has begun its Faculty Spotlight, featuring a book and an article each month. The library also maintains a physical and digital display of faculty books.

The Center for Faculty Scholarship also posts audio recordings of campus talks and other assorted topics of interest to the faculty on our podcast.

Finally, our quarterly newsletter, Research Live, comes out every other month during the academic year.

  • Center for Faculty Scholarship Research Live Dec 2020 Cover
    December 2020 (PDF) -- featuring Sarah Bromberg, Dara Drawbridge, Dennis Awasabisah, and Katharine Covino.
  • October 2020 (PDF) – featuring Diego Ubiera, Zachary Miner, Kevin McCarthy, Yasser Derwiche Djazaerly, and IRB information from Thomas Schilling
  • April 2020 (PDF) – featuring Joshua Spero, Audrey Pereira, John J. Sylvia, IV, Megan Krell, Erin Rehrig, and Keith Chenot
  • February 2020 (PDF) - featuring Reid Parsons, Ozge Ozay, Daneen Deptula, Amy McGlothlin, and Joann Nichols
  • December 2019 (PDF) - featuring Don Tarallo, David Svolba, Renée Fratantonio, Tara Mariolis, and Joe Wachtel
  • October 2019 (PDF) - featuring Catherine Buell, Jon Amakawa, Steve Edwards, and Danielle Wigmore