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Graphic Design Concentration

This concentration provides a learning environment that fosters creative thinking and personal artistic development. The curriculum is carefully constructed to maintain a healthy balance between design thinking and design practice, allowing students to focus their attention on specialized aspects of the field in a series of courses. These courses include Introduction to Graphic Design, Computer Graphic Design, Typography, Illustration, Motion Graphic Design, Interface Design, Publication Design and Advanced Graphic Design. The Macintosh-based lab facility is equipped with state-of-the-art computers, software and an expansive font library that will give students a competitive edge when they enter the field.

The faculty dedicates considerable time to building teaching strategies that allow for effective student interaction. Assignments build sequentially and are tailored to develop conceptual thinking and perceptual ability while fostering individual creative growth. Experimentation is highly emphasized, and students are challenged to take risks in order to move beyond the comfort zone of "safe” design. Class critiques allow students to derive inspiration, cultivate and share ideas, while learning to articulate aesthetic concepts.

Design literacy is emphasized in courses that provide a strong foundation in both concept and practice. Students are encouraged to choose from many elective course offerings to explore emerging trends in the design field, as well as History of Graphic Design that will acquaint them with the evolution of visual communications. Intermediate and advanced design courses challenge students to push the envelope of design thinking and design practice with technology to develop a sophisticated and personalized approach to their area of interest. In the final semester, students participate in internships to gain professional experience at highly rated firms in every aspect of the graphic design profession. There is also a minor in graphic design available.

“The professors make the exceptional Graphic Design program at Fitchburg State extraordinary. Their direction and guidance led me to discover a passion for packaging and brand development. I will forever be grateful for their dedication to their students.
~ Caitlyn Houck

Required courses must be taken in this sequence:
COMM 3810 - Introduction to Graphic Design
COMM 3880 - Typography
COMM 3820 - Intermediate Graphic Design
COMM 3305 - Web Design
COMM 3950 - Advanced Graphic Design

Elective Courses:
COMM 2200 - Typeface Design
COMM 3009 - Packaging Design
COMM 3306 - Web Design Basics
COMM 3309 - Interface Design
COMM 3830 - Illustration
COMM 3850 - Publication Design
COMM 3900 - Image and Design
COMM 3940 - Motion Graphic Design
COMM 3955 - Motion Graphic Design II

For more information, consult the Undergraduate Catalog.


Each year students are given the opportunity to submit original work to be juried and possibly selected for our honors art exhibition, VISIONS. This is a showcase of the year's best student work. VISIONS involves a gallery exhibition and a film/video screening.

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