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Humanities Department

Office: Conlon Fine Arts - Room 263
Chairperson: Prof. Petri Flint, 978.665.3461
Administrative Assistant: Paula DeLisle, 978.665.3276
Admissions Office: 978.665.3144 or

Humanities Department Newport


The Humanities Department is home to Art, Music, Philosophy, and Languages, fields that have influenced the development of our culture as much as science and technology.

In today's ever-changing global job market, students will need to understand complex relationships between the many layers of their responsibilities, not just their particular job-related skills.

Our faculty prides itself on teaching students how to use the separate disciplines in Humanities to foster the kind of creative and critical thinking skills, as well as inter-cultural awareness, that are vital to being successful in our globalized society.

The department is also the home of the Interdisciplinary Studies major. Please see those options on this page in the right side bar under "Program at a Glance."

Two Year Rotation of Courses

Four Year Plan of Study
Course Catalog


Bautista, Karina: Spanish Language and Culture 
Bromberg, Sarah: Art Appreciation, Drawing, History of Architecture, Women, Art and Society
Derwiche Djazaerly, Yasser: Arabic and French Language and Culture, Italian Language
Diakite, Rala: Italian Language and Culture, French Language, Medieval Studies
Dinda, Robin: Music Theory, Harmony, Ancient Arts
Fiske, Jane: Piano, Women in Music, Critical and Creative Thinking in Music, Contemporary Issues in the Humanities
Flint, Petri: Painting, Drawing, Contemporary Art
Harvey, Jonathan: Choral, Chamber, Voice
Jeffko, Walter: Philosophy, Contemporary Ethical Problems
Karbasioun, Keyvan: Spanish Language and Culture, French Language
McGlothlin, Amy: Music, Concert Band, Jazz Band
Moore, Sally: Sculpture, 3D Design, Puppetry
Olmstead, Andrea: Ceramics, Intro to Studio Art, and Drawing
Robey, Jessica: Renaissance through 20th Century Art History
Svolba, David: Ethics, Political Philosophy


The Humanities Department has a range of facilities to support the diverse needs of our individual courses.

  • Music technology lab with synthesizers and music scoring software
  • Steinway grand pianos, Model B Steinway concert piano, Model L Steinway concert piano
  • State-of-the-art Wenger practice rooms with Boston upright pianos, Yamaha keyboards and Wenger storage units for student use. Please inquire at the main office for access.
  • Art studios for sculpture, drawing, design, ceramics, water and oil-based painting