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Communications Media Department

FALL 2020 UPDATE: The Department of Communications Media will provide in-person services Monday - Friday from 8am – 4:30pm in Conlon Hall, Room 237 for the Fall 2020 semester. Please contact Karen Valeri or Samantha deManbey for assistance.  To make an appointment with Prof. Mary Baker, Department Chair, please email To make an appointment with a Communications Media or Game Design faculty member, please contact them directly. Contact information and office hours are listed below.

Prospective Students

You can connect virtually with our faculty and department chair to learn more about our programs. If you are interested, then please contact Juan Orta in Admissions or to schedule an appointment. 

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Communications media faculty and staff

Professors and staff in the Communications Media Department.
(Photo by Coelynn McIninch)

Location: Conlon Building, Room 237
Chairperson: Mary Baker, MFA, 978.665.3058
Administrative Assistant: Karen Valeri, 978.665.3260
Administrative Assistant: Samantha deManbey, 978.665.4471
Admissions Office: 978.665.3144 or

Currently the best way to contact faculty and staff is through EMAIL.


A unique feature of our curriculum is the strong emphasis on taking what is learned in the classroom and applying it in the field. Our students acquire internships at incredible companies across the country, and often get hired by these same companies upon graduation because of the skills and work ethic they brought to the table as an intern.

Our faculty is dedicated to challenge our students to think critically and to help them create works that not only push their boundaries, but push the boundaries of those who view their work.

Watch the video about Dr. Randy Howe, recipient of the 2019 Vincent J. Mara Excellence in Teaching Award.

Two Year Rotation of Courses (PDF)
Four Year Plan of Study
Visions Honors Exhibition


Amakawa, Jonathan - Game Design
Baker, Mary - Film and Video
Carr, Robert - Professional Communication
Corduan, Cap - Technical Theater
Dermer, Rachelle - Film and Video
Harris, Robert - Film and Video
Howe, Randy - Communication Theory
Krasner, Jon - Graphic Design
Laytin, Peter - Photography
Lee, Michael Zak - Film and Video
Lorencova, Viera - Communication Theory
McCarthy, Kevin - Film and Video
Moody, Kyle - Professional Communication
Morgan, Kelly - Theater
Munson, Wayne - Film Theory
Nelken, Les - Game Design
Roberts, Charles - Film and Video
Sides, Charles - Internship
Snyder, Britt - Game Design
Sylvia IV, J.J. - Communication Theory
Tarallo, Donald - Graphic Design
Tobin, Samuel - Game Design, Communication Theory
Vreeland, Mary - Theater
Warmouth, Jeffrey - Game Design


  • Communication Studies theory classrooms are equipped with smart board technology to aid our students in advancing their studies.
  • Film/Video Production students have access to industry standard production and editing equipment beginning their freshman year. Students get hands-on experience with a variety of film and digital cameras ranging from basic HD cameras to 2K and high end Arriflex film cameras. We have numerous post-production labs and suites running professional editing applications for both sound and picture. Additionally, the film and video facility houses a large motion picture studio that can accommodate multiple productions simultaneously.
  • Graphic Design has a lab facility, work room, and a print room equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that gives students a competitive edge when they enter the field.
  • Photography students have access to one of the finest darkroom and studio facilities in New England. Our students work with professional equipment as early as their first year. Students get a hands-on experience with equipment ranging from manual 35mm film to digital SLR cameras, medium format Hasselblad and Mamiya cameras, as well as traditional 4x5 view cameras. The photography lab is equipped with two large group darkrooms and several individual darkrooms. There are also two digitally equipped professional commercial studios in which to learn and create.
  • Professional Communication students will produce professional text and will have the opportunity to be critiqued by experienced professionals throughout the program.
  • Game Design students will have access to a game library/lounge which will allow them to research, playtest, and experience games together on a variety of systems. The game design and development lab and game workshop room feature computers, tablets, and mobile device tools in multiple platforms for seminars and small group work.

Student Lab Hours
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Graduate Programs

Graduate Certificates

Clubs and Organizations

  • Game Design Student Association
  • Falcon Theater Company
  • The Shakespeare Society

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