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Interdisciplinary Studies Major for Pre-Law

Interdisciplinary Studies Major for Pre-Law Students

Political Science Minor (13 credits)

POLS 1000 United States Government
POLS 1100 Intro to Political Science
POLS 2270 Intro to the Legal Process

Choose three of the following:

POLS 2550 Sex, Race and Constitution
POLS 2600 the first Amendment
POLS 2700 Criminal Procedure: Rights of the Accused
POLS 3500 Constitutional Law

Criminal Justice Field (9 credits)

CJ 2000 Introduction to Criminal Justice

Choose two of the following:

CJ 2500 Correctional Law
CJ 2550 Criminal Law
CJ 2651 Ethics in Criminal Justice
CJ 3053 Victimology

Sociology Field (9 credits)

SOC 1100 Intro to Sociology

Choose two of the following:

SOC 2700 Social Problems
SOC 2750 Criminology
SOC 3500 Law and Society

Interdisciplinary Studies Common Core (9 credits)

PHIL 1100 Logic

Choose one of the following:

PHIL 2500 Contemporary Ethical Problems
PHIL 4200 Political and Social Philosophy or
HIST 4200 History of Political Theory

Choose one of the following:

SPCH 1100 Argumentation and Debate or
SPCH 2600 Persuasion

IDIS Capstone Requirement (3 credits)

POLS 4350 Moot Court or
POLS 4940 Capstone (class is repeatable for up to 12 cr.)

Total credits: 48

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