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Interdisciplinary Studies

Program Overview

Interdisciplinary Studies is a flexible degree program, which enables motivated students to design a major that directly reflects their own personal, educational, and professional goals. It allows students to pursue the inter-relationships among separate disciplines, potentially including courses from both professional programs and fields in the Liberal Arts & Sciences. Interdisciplinary Studies majors work directly with a faculty advisor to develop a personal plan of study that integrates several related fields of particular interest into a coherent program. In addition to coursework in each area, students also further explore the inter-relationships among disciplines through a senior year Capstone course. As a culmination of the program, Interdisciplinary Studies thus provides students with the opportunity to develop and complete an original piece of work, which might include:

  • A research/analysis paper or presentation
  • A professional internship
  • A performance, exhibition, or other creative product


The Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies requirements are listed in the catalog at the links below:

Career Opportunities

The potential career opportunities with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies are endless, since the students design individual programs of study in subjects that reflect their personal interests and career goals. In today's ever-changing global marketplace, students will need to understand complex relationships between the many layers of their responsibilities, not just their particular job-related skills. The unique, self-directed nature of the Interdisciplinary Studies program fosters these creative and critical thinking skills, as well as awareness across disciplines, eras, and cultures, which are vital to success in our globalized society.

Student presenting a poster titled, "The Current Financial Crisis and Business Environment"

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How to Apply

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