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Theater Concentration

The Theater concentration provides students the opportunity each semester to perform full-scale theatrical productions, produced and directed by our Theater faculty and students. Our Theater professors are members of professional unions and act and direct in Boston and New York City. Productions range from the Greeks to the contemporary repertoire. By the time our students graduate, after completing a required 12-credit, professional internship, they have acquired a wide range of skills and theater genre that will support their goal of graduate study or direct entry into the profession.


White Apron


Sacco and Venzetti


The Edinburgh Festival

Every three years, Fitchburg State’s Theater students perform at The Edinburgh Festival in Scotland. Fitchburg State has performed five shows in the festival between 2000 and 2012.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival

Every year during the last week of January, Fitchburg State's Theater students travel to the regional KCACTF Festival and compete in a variety of acting, directing, stage management, design/technical and theater criticism events and attend a variety of professional workshops that support their professional development. Fitchburg State has had full productions invited to the festival, most recently LYLH that was student written, produced and directed by students in 2013.

Theater Concentration

Required Courses:

THEA 1700 Stage Movement 3 cr.
THEA 1720 Voice and Articulation 3 cr.
THEA 2700 Acting I 3 cr.
THEA 3010 Acting for the Camera 3 cr.
THEA 3550 Page to Stage Script Analysis 3 cr.
THEA 2730 OR
THEA 2740
History of Theater I OR
History of Theater II
3 cr.


THEA 2100 Children's Theater 3 cr.
THEA 2730 History of Theater I 3 cr.
THEA 2740 History of Theater II 3 cr.
THEA 2800 Acting II 3 cr.
THEA 2850 Applied Acting
(May be taken twice for credit)
3 cr.
THEA 3010 Acting for the Camera 3 cr.
THEA 3002 Artist as Business 3 cr.
THEA 3003 Dramaturgy 3 cr.
THEA 3035 Playwriting 3 cr.
THEA 3400 Advanced Stage Movement 3 cr.
THEA 3500 Voice II 3 cr.
THEA 3600 Auditioning 3 cr.
THEA 3700 Directing the Play 3 cr.

For more information, consult the Undergraduate Catalog.

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