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Technical Theater Concentration

The technical theater concentration is designed to develop a general base of technical, analytical, managerial, and creative competencies aimed toward entry positions in theatrical production. Students are trained to become resourceful, imaginative, and technically competent people who integrate engineering and artistic techniques with theatrical settings. Students take courses in computer-aided design, stage lighting, scene design, stage management, and production planning.

Technical Theater Professor Cap Corduan was recently profiled in The Sentinel & Enterprise. She directed The Diviners in Fall 2018. Read about her in the Sentinel & Enterprise article

Fouad Nasr working on scene design
Fouad Nasr in Scene Design class.

Students in Stage Makeup class
Students experiment in Stage Makeup class.

Students working on the set for "Into the Woods"
Students work on set for Into the Woods.

Brett Rochford drawing a design for the set of "Arsenic & Odd Lace"
Brett Rochford working on the set for Arsenic & Odd Lace

The set of "Arsenic & Odd Lace"
Finished set of Arsenic & Odd Lace

Students performing in "The Crucible"
The Crucible

A student on the set of "Much Ado About Nothing"
Much Ado About Nothing

Requirements and Curriculum

Technical Theater Concentration

Technical Theater Minor

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