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American Government/Law Concentration


Understanding your government is critical to good citizenship.  For better or worse, government plays a significant role in our daily lives, ranging from the amount you pay in taxes, the price of gas, to when and where you can but alcohol.  Beyond these daily concerns, there are also much larger issues from the security of the nation to your freedom to protest when you disagree with the current administration.  Given that government impacts the various choices available to us, this major will help you understand how the process works and how you can more fully participate in democratic self-determination.  

The American Government and Law concentration will help you understand the balance between freedom and law, between the three branches of government, between federal and state systems, and the welfare and safety of our nation.

In This Program

You will: 

  • Develop key understandings about legal and constitutional principles, American institutions, elections, and public policy as well as research methodology.
  • Acquire critical reading, researching, argumentation, and analysis of scholarly/theoretical political trends essential to and sought by all employers.
  • Work closely with faculty to conduct in small classes to explore real-world situations that are translatable to in-demand job skills.
  • Earn a distinctive political science degree for unlimited job possibilities.

Experiential Opportunites

  • Like generations of our Political Science graduates, our current and future generations of leaders learn and hone their skills in a broad-based curriculum and co-curricular events, especially in the award-winning Moot Court program.  Moot court will teach you valuable life and legal skills and is a great opportunity to put into practice what you are learning. You will learn skills in both oral and written advocacy.  You will also have the opportunity to compete against schools throughout North America in moot court competitions.  Fitchburg State has one of the best moot court programs in the country, consistently winning national honors. As forensic activities are required in every American law school, moot court provides a perfect preparation for admission to and success in law school.
  • Internships with government agencies, elected officials, law firms/offices, non-governmental or international organizations, including through our Washington Center (Washington, DC) internship program, provide hands-on learning which leads to career opportunities.
  • Faculty-led study abroad course opportunities also increase student life-transforming experiences, as do student/faculty cooperative research projects.

Requirements and Curriculum

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science

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