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Interdisciplinary Studies General Science Concentration

Degree Overview

The General Science Concentration in Interdisciplinary Studies gives students a strong grounding in the basic natural sciences, including physics, earth and geographic sciences, biology, and chemistry. 

This is an appropriate concentration for students interested in a wide variety of careers such as:  teaching middle school science, entry-level laboratory technician positions, and science writing careers. This is not appropriate for students wishing to continue on in medical or dental school or those who wish to go to graduate school in biology, chemistry, earth science or geology.

In This Program

  • Learn to be an effective communicator of scientific information in written, oral, and graphic forms.
  • Apply an interdisciplinary approach to analyze and propose solutions to scientific problems by critically and logically analyzing competing ideas, and distinguishing between scientific and nonscientific approaches to solving problems.
  • Apply mathematics to a broad spectrum of scientific problems and issues.

Program Information

Requirements and Curriculum for Bachelor of Science