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Interdisciplinary Studies General Science Concentration


The General Science Concentration in Interdisciplinary Studies gives you a strong grounding in the basic natural sciences, including physics, earth and geographic sciences, biology, and chemistry. This program provides the flexibility to design your own major by combining a defined core set of Science courses with a minor in another field. Interdisciplinary Studies is designed to help fully realize the academic, professional, and personal potential of students whose interests range across the boundaries of traditional disciplines.

In This Program

You will:

  • Take command of your own educational goals and design your own program.
  • Use different disciplinary methods strategically to address scientific issues in innovative ways.
  • Combine broad scientific knowledge with other fields to design a project that relates directly to the kind of work you want to do when you graduate, and serves as a springboard for your future success.

Career Opportunities  

This is an appropriate concentration if you're interested in a wide variety of careers such as:  

  • Teaching middle school science
  • Entry-level laboratory technician positions
  • Science writing careers 
  •  Success in today’s rapidly changing workplace requires individual initiative, flexible “outside-the-box” thinking, and an ability to define one’s own professional goals; the individualized IDIS General Science degree challenges you to do exactly that.

Experiential Opportunities

  • Present your work at the annual Undergraduate Research Conference.
  • As a senior, you will have the chance to do an individual Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone project that reflects your personal vision and professional goals, applying insights from a range of disciplines to crucial contemporary issues and challenges in an original way.

Requirements and Curriculum

IDIS, General Science Concentration, B.S.