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International Business and Economics Concentration

The International Business and Economics Program provides students with an understanding of the rapidly changing global economy. It concentrates on explanations of the complexities of the business discipline in relationship to the theory of international trade and finance and the changing roles of international institutions (such as the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund). The concentration provides the student with knowledge of the intricacies of doing business internationally. Students will study international marketing and the commerce, trade and investments of international business.

The Economics Program offers Liberal Arts and Sciences courses which focus on understanding the principles of economics for private enterprise market economies especially, the United States economy, as well as the workings of the global economy. Undergraduate courses in economics provide broad knowledge of the field including theory and real life applications of theory. The concentration in International Business and Economics provides the necessary background to students who are interested in professional graduate training in economics or in careers in business, law, government, or journalism.


LA&S Requirements for the Major

BSAD 1700 Introduction to Computer Information Systems for Business 3 cr
MATH 1800 Business Statistics 3 cr
MATH 2200 Calculus for Business 3 cr
ECON 1100 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 cr
ECON 1200 Principles of Microeconomics 3 cr
IDIS 1200 Introduction to International Studies OR 3 cr
IDIS 1800 Global Issues 3 cr
HIST 1150 World Civilizations III 3 cr
SPCH 1000 Speech ** 3 cr

Major Requirements

BSAD 2010 Introduction to Financial Reporting 3 cr
BSAD 3200 Principles of Management 3 cr
BSAD 3300 Fundamentals of Marketing 3 cr
BSAD 3500 Business Law I 3 cr
BSAD 4330 International Marketing 3 cr
BSAD 4880 International Business and Management 3 cr
ECON 2400 Money and Banking 3 cr
ECON 3000 History of Economic Thought* 3 cr
ECON 3550 International Economics 3 cr
ECON 3650 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3 cr
ECON 3600 International Finance Economics 3 cr
ECON 3660 Intermediate Microeconomics 3 cr

Two of the following nine English courses or two courses in the same language

ENGL 2400 World Literature I OR 3 cr
ENGL 2500 World Literature II OR 3 cr
ENGL 3070 European Literature I OR 3 cr
ENGL 3080 European Literature II OR 3 cr
ENGL 3100 World Novel OR 3 cr
ENGL 3710 South Asian Literature OR 3 cr
ENGL 3720 Caribbean Literature 3 cr
ITAL 2000 Intermediate Italian 3 cr
ITAL 2100 Intermediate Italian II OR 3 cr
SPAN 2000 Intermediate Spanish I 3 cr
SPAN 2100 Intermediate Spanish II OR 3 cr
FREN 2000 Intermediate French I 3 cr
FREN 2100 Intermediate French II 3 cr

Two additional electives from economics courses above the 2000 level

ECON 1300 Consumer Economics 3 cr
ECON 2005 Game Theory 3 cr
ECON 2200 Comparative Economic Systems 3 cr
ECON 2450 Human Resource Economics 3 cr
ECON 2500 Economic Development 3 cr
ECON 2550 Urban Economics 3 cr
ECON 2600 Public Finance 3 cr
ECON 3001 Economics of Inequality 3 cr
ECON 3002 Basic Data Skills for Economics and Business 3 cr
ECON 3700 Econometrics 3 cr
ECON 3750 Managerial Economics 3 cr
ECON 4000 Economics Senior Seminar 3 cr
ECON 4900 Independent Study in Economics 3 cr
ECON 4940 Internship in Economics 3 cr
ECON XXXX Topics in Economics 3 cr
GEOG 3000 Economic Geography 3 cr
BSAD 4230 Business Fluctuations and Forecasting 3 cr

Requirements for a Minor in Economics

ECON 1100 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 cr
ECON 1200 Principles of Microeconomics 3 cr
  Four courses selected from courses listed for the Economics major.  

*BSAD 1700 satisfies the Computer Literacy Requirement
**SPCH 1000 satisfies the Speaking and Listening Requirement

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