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Graphic Design Minor

The Graphic Design minor offers students across campus an opportunity to become fluent in the creative thinking and practice of the visual language of graphic design. The graphic designer’s role is often a key part of modern communication in giving visual form to a wide array of information.

Pages from Seeing Music by Cynthia Schilling
"Seeing Music" a book on the relationship between music, art, and design 
by Cynthia Schilling (senior capstone project).

The course sequence and electives offer students a strong working foundation in graphic design and enable them to develop creative skills mastering the visual literacy underlying today’s complex forms of communication in print and the internet to augment their principal areas of study.

Admission to the program requires a GPA of 2.5.

Copies of "The Giver," "1984," and "Farenheit 451"
Dystopian classics designed by Jillian McNamara

Required courses must be taken in this sequence:
COMM 3810 - Introduction to Graphic Design
COMM 3880 - Typography

Elective Courses:
COMM 2012 - Color Dynamics
COMM 3900 - Image and Design
COMM 2200 - Typeface Design
COMM 3306 - Web Design Basics
COMM 3940 - Motion Graphic Design
COMM 3955 - Motion Graphic Design II​
COMM 3309 - Interface Design
COMM 3830 - Illustration
COMM 3850 - Publication Design
COMM 3820 - Intermediate Graphic Design
COMM 3305 - Web Design​
COMM 3950 - Advanced Graphic Design