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Communication Studies Minor

A minor in Communication Studies fosters the development of skills critical to adapting to an ever-changing technological and knowledge-based society. The minor is open to students who have an overall GPA of 2.5. Students may NOT take courses in the minor until they have been accepted.

Communication Studies Minor - 18 S.H.

Requirements for the minor: 18 credits are required. All students must complete:

COMM 1105 Introduction to Communication and Media Studies 3 cr.
COMM 4200 Human Communication 3 cr.

And any four of the following:

COMM 1120 Message Design 3 cr.
COMM 4000 Writing in Aesthetics 3 cr.
COMM 4205 Seminar in Communication Theory 3 cr.
COMM 4206 Media and Society 3 cr.
COMM 4220 Organizational Communication 3 cr.
COMM 4230 Communication Law 3 cr.
COMM 4240 Media Criticism 3 cr.
COMM 4250 Research Seminar 3 cr.
COMM 4280 Intercultural Communication 3 cr.
COMM 4281 Gender and Communication 3 cr.