Intensive Spanish Language Program with Professor Bautista

Join Professor Karina A. Bautista on this Summer 2023 program in Salamanca, Spain.
Salamanca Spain Cathedral Aerial View with city all around it

You should apply for the Global Ambassador Scholarship on Academic Works in January 2023. 

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July 1-31, 2023

Estimated Price= $6,000 (subject to change)


Estimated First Payment - February 8, 2023 = $2,000
Estimated Second Payment - March 10, 2023 = $2,000
Estimated Third Payment - April 7, 2023 = $2,000

Students will need to pay the SOGCE fees. Students need to take 6 credits (both courses) to use summer financial aid.

Two courses offered, you can take one or both:

  • Medical Spanish (SPAN 3010) 3 credits
  • Hispanic Culture (SPAN 2600) 3 credits

Join Professor Bautista to Salamanca, Spain for Summer 2023. This a Spanish immersion program that will consist of classroom time during the day followed by excursions, city tours, museum visits and more in the afternoons. You will choose one or both of the following courses; Medical Spanish and/or Hispanic Culture.

During our weeks in Salamanca, Spain you can complete up to two of the three Spanish courses required for our new Medical Spanish Certificate. These courses are designed for students interested in health care communication for different medical and emergency purposes. We will offer Medical Spanish (SPAN 3010) and Hispanic Culture (SPAN 2600). These courses help develop Spanish medical terminology, improve communication proficiency and increase intercultural awareness that can influence medical outcomes.

These classes focus on listening, speaking, and writing practices that explore different medical topics. In addition, you will participate in cultural activities and trips throughout many of the beautiful and historical Spanish cities. You will tour Salamanca, the ancient university town that is famous for its vibrant youth community. In addition to Salamanca this program will also have excursions to Castilla y Leon, Cordoba, and Sevilla.


**This schedule is subject to change

You will have classes in the morning with Professor Baustista and afternoons are filled with activities, excursions, or free time.  

July 2  Arrive in Madrid and drive to Salamanca
July 3 Visit Cathedral Salamanca
July 4 Classes start
July 5 Visit the University of Salamanca and Escuelas Menores
July 7 Visit Torres de la Clerecia
July 9 Go on a boat cruise, winery visit, and group lunch
July 12 Visit Convento de las Dueñas
July 13 Stargaze at Cielo de Salamanca
July 14 Visit Casa Lis - Museo Art Nouveau and Art Deco
July 19 Take a dance class
July 21 Stay overnight at Cordoba and see Mezquita Córdoba, Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, and Judería and Puente Romano
July 22 - 24 Stay in Sevilla
July 26 Visit the Museo Taurino de Salamanca
July 27 Cooking class in the evening
July 29 Final exams in the morning and celebration ceremony/farewell dinner in the evening
July 30 Stay in Madrid
July 31 Depart from Madrid to Boston

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Please email International Education or in the Humanities Department for more information.