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Join Professor Baker on her Spring Break program to Los Angeles in 2025.
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Spring Break March 2025

Los Angeles (LA) is a major international hub for the film, television, and media industries. This program will enable students to learn more about these industries firsthand. COMM 3550 Producing is a specialized elective for Film and Video students. The main course objective is for students to gain a greater understanding of the roles and responsibilities of different types of producers in the film and television industry. This includes learning about the key responsibilities of a producer during each phase of a film or television project: development, pre-production, production, post-production, and marketing. The creative aspects of producing are discussed along with financial and legal responsibilities. 

Topics covered in the class are production budgets, production scheduling, contracts and agreements, union regulations for actors and crew members, shooting permits, legal implications and financial structures.

Prerequisites: COMM 3506 Pre-Production, one of the following COMM 2530 Intermediate Digital Cinema or COMM 3521 Intermediate Documentary Production

General Education Requirements: IHIP and AIA

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