Arts and Game Design Program in Japan

Join Professors Jeff Warmouth and Jon Amakawa on this exploration of the contemporary art forms: video games, Anime and Manga.
Students and faculty in the Game Design Program to Japan

May 2023

Game 2001: Game and Arts 

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3 credits

This course explores contemporary arts and culture in Japan with an emphasis on the three pillars of Japan’s modern culture: video games, Anime, and Manga.

These contemporary art forms will be examined in the context of the country’s tradition of design, visual arts, and culture, in order to gain a better understanding of Japanese Game Art Aesthetics. For example, during the course, students explore Edo period Ukiyo-e wood block prints and shoin architecture as well as the evolution of modern manga from its roots in the Edo period with the publishing of Hokusai's Manga.

The course culminates in a study abroad trip to Japan in May 2023.

Course Counts for: Global Diversity Non-Western (GDAN)

Game Design in Japan

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