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We assist students and their families in meeting their financial obligations for payment of tuition and fees.
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We're responsible for the billing and collecting of all tuition and fees, issuing refunds to students for credit balances, and the collection of Nursing Loans.

Students and Authorized Users

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New and Returning Students

Students and Authorized Users will receive an email notification when the semester eBill is ready. No paper bills are mailed. Fall semester bills will be available in July and due August. Spring bills will be available in November and are due in December.

Please be sure to:

A late fee of $50.00 will be assessed if payments are not made by the due date.

Students can set a parent/adult up as an Authorized User on their Web4. Authorized Users will receive an email notification with their own login information to view the eBill each semester. Authorized Users will also be able to speak to someone in our office if they have a question about their child's bill.

Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

A breakdown of all the tuition and fees for the current academic school year. 

School of Graduate, Online and Continuing Education Tuition and Fees

Costs relating to graduate and online courses, as well as undergraduate evening courses.

More Help


ALL students will need to establish an eRefund account on the eBill site to receive any excess funds from loans, overpayments, scholarships and grant monies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions we're asked most often: from paying balances due to helping explain the various forms you'll be asked to complete.  

Payment Plan

We're pleased to offer students and families a monthly payment plan, open to undergraduate day student population, as well as students taking evening or online classes.


To ensure that you are receiving your veteran benefits, please contact the Registrar's Office at, in Anthony Building room 110.

If you have questions about your bill, please contact Monica Siart at


Students must complete a FERPA Disclosure form in order for our staff to speak to a parent or guardian about a student's account. Please view the University's FERPA Privacy Policy for more information about FERPA.

Please note: Students are required to keep their contact information current with the University. Current students can email the Registrar's Office at or complete the Address Change Form (Web Form).

Additional Resources

This information is designed to help our Day students understand the differences between the charges assessed for day classes vs. charges assessed for evening or online SGOCE classes and how that may impact their semester bill.

Undergraduate Day classes are assessed per credit, up to twelve (12) credits. Twelve (12) to eighteen (18) Day credits are assessed at a flat rate. In this way, full-time Day students pay the same rate when they are enrolled full-time in 12 to 18 Day credits.

Undergraduate Evening or online SGOCE classes are assessed per credit. There is no flat rate for full-time enrollment. In this way, full-time students pay more for every credit beyond 12 credits when any of the credits are evening or SGOCE courses. It is also important to note that students must pay for all evening courses at the time of registration.

Why is this?

Day courses are supported by the state. The state subsidizes the tuition cost and determines the rate that we charge. The state allows for the flat rate for full-time Day enrollment of 12-18 Day credits. Evening courses are offered through the School of Graduate, Online and Continuing Education. The state does not subsidize these courses and the University must charge a per credit rate in order to offer them.

How do I know if it is an Evening (SGOCE) course?

Evening courses start at or after 4 p.m. The majority of online courses are also offered through SGOCE. Lastly, the way to tell is by the section numbers on the courses, which range between 50-59.

Can day students take an undergraduate evening course?

Day students can enroll for evening or online SGOCE courses during any semester. Many Day students enroll in these courses during the summer and winter breaks in order to get ahead. You may also take evening or online SGOCE courses during the Fall and Spring semesters but it may impact your bill. It is also important to remember that payment for SGOCE courses are due at the time of registration. We encourage you to use the information on this page and then contact the Student Accounts Office at if you should have any questions.

Summer Fetterroll, Director of Student Accounts

Shelby Cota, Associate Director of Student Accounts

Monica Siart, Accountant III

Kathryn Campbell, Accountant III

Quintella Adams, Receiving Teller II

Chloe Taddeo, Receiving Teller II

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Our hours are Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Student Accounts

Student Accounts is responsible for billing, issuing refunds to students for credit balances, including those generated from Financial Aid disbursements, and the collection of outstanding Nursing Loans.
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