Day Tuition Appeals Process

If you were unable to complete a course due to circumstances beyond your control, you may file an online Tuition Appeal. As a general rule, appeals should be submitted within 30 days of separation from the University.

Note: This form only applies to day program courses taken in a Fall or Spring semester.

If approved, a tuition voucher of 25% to 100% will be applied to your account. Appeals do not cover non-refundable lab and other course fees, nor do they change the grade assigned by your instructor. Other restrictions apply. Notification of the outcome of your appeal will be sent to your email used in the appeal address within 30 days of receipt. Before submitting your appeal, please review the appeal requirements listed below. Completed appeals are reviewed on the fourth Thursday of the month.

All requests must be submitted via the link above, and must include supporting documentation ( e.g. Enrollment verification form if you attended another college/university, copies of registration form, drop/add forms, medical verification, confirmation of non-attendance from faculty) and the necessary forms listed above to be considered complete.

Appeals received without the proper documentation and forms will not be reviewed. Appeals must be made by the student. The Committee’s decisions are final.

Criteria for Appeals

  • Significant illness or injury
  • Significant illness or death of an immediate family member
  • Military deployment/call to active duty
  • Enrollment/attendance at another college/university while never attending class at Fitchburg State University

Circumstances Not Sufficient to Support a Tuition Refund Appeal Include, But Are Not Limited to:

  • Not being aware of add/drop deadlines or forgetting you were registered
  • Lack of familiarity with student information systems
  • Insufficient financial aid and/or financial hardship
  • Dropping courses to avoid low grades
  • Deciding that school/work/life responsibilities are too overwhelming
  • Arrest/Incarceration
  • Academic or Disciplinary Dismissal
  • Dissatisfaction with instructor or course content or determining that courses you took do not meet your academic and/or personal goals
  • Advising, or other academic department processing issues, are not considered a university error