About our Pre-Law Major

Interested in the Law?

The best way to prepare for the law is to be a well-read person.
Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter

There are no specific courses required to be admitted to law school. You can major in any subject and still enter law school, as long as you successfully demonstrate that you have completed your Fitchburg State program requirements, maintained your GPA, and met the application requirements of the law school to which you apply.

Beyond the 20+ academic majors at Fitchburg State, the University offers specific pathways for students interested in pursuing the law. For questions, contact Dr. Paul Weizer, Department of Economics, History, and Political Science, at pweizer@fitchburgstate.edu.

Major in Interdisciplinary Studies/Pre-Law Concentration

In collaboration with the Department of Economics, History and Political Science

The Pre-Law degree program is designed to prepare you for the expectations of law school. Advance your ability for analytical and critical thinking, and improve your communication and interpretive skills through an interdisciplinary preparation for law studies. A robust liberal arts curriculum consisting of Political Science, Criminal Justice, Philosophy, Sociology, and Speech, all of which inform the study of the law, will be valuable in acclimating to the challenges of law school or any other career that requires honed skills of critical and analytical thinking.

Pre-Law Program Partnerships

Fitchburg State University has partnered with UMass Law to allow motivated students to finish both a bachelor’s degree (BS) and a juris doctor degree (JD) in six years.

Qualified Fitchburg State undergraduates may enter the Fitchburg State and UMass Law 3 + 3 Program and substitute the first year at UMass Law for the senior year at Fitchburg State. By meeting all program requirements, qualified students enjoy guaranteed admission to the UMass Dartmouth Law School. Admissions and GPA requirements of both institutions apply.

Fitchburg State University also has an articulation agreement with the Massachusetts School of Law at Andover (MSLAW).

Students who complete the required course of study at Fitchburg State may enter MSLAW and be awarded a Bachelor of Arts/Science at Fitchburg State after one year of prescribed studies at MSLAW, and, upon the successful completion of all MSLAW requirements, earn a juris doctor degree from MSLAW.