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Program Overview

Because it is impossible to understand the present without some knowledge of the past, history serves as a cornerstone for any liberal arts or pre-professional program. Course offerings range from the ancient worlds of Europe, Asia and the Americas to the modern world in a global culture. History majors gain proficiency in reading, writing and critical thinking through coursework that emphasizes research methods and interpretive skills.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates are prepared for advanced degree programs as well as careers in public history and teaching.

History graduates have gained positions with local, state, federal and private agencies and educational institutions, as well as in business and industry.

“ With the guidance of some great professors (Prof. Sean Goodlett, Prof. Joshua Spero, and Prof. Susan Williams) I achieved a lot in three years. On the road to my BA in history, I interned in Washington, D.C., presented original research on industrial Fitchburg, and studied abroad in Russia.”
–Ralph Hogan, 2011

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