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Biochemistry Concentration

The biochemistry concentration in chemistry gives you a strong grounding in chemistry with a focus on biochemistry. This concentration is ideal for those interested in a wide variety of careers, including but not limited to:

  • Laboratory scientist positions in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies
  • Science writing careers
  • Health professions

This degree will prepare you for further education in chemistry, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and other health professions, provided you complete all the prerequisite courses for post-graduate work.

The emphasis on biochemistry is particularly helpful for those interested in health sciences and the hands-on experience benefits those interested in pursuing Ph.D. degrees in biochemistry, biotechnology or related fields.

Required Core Courses in Chemistry

CHEM 1300 General Chemistry I 4 cr.
CHEM 1400 General Chemistry II 4 cr.
CHEM 2000 Organic Chemistry I 4 cr.
CHEM 2100 Organic Chemistry II 4 cr.
CHEM 2400 General Analytical Chemistry 4 cr.
CHEM 3600 Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry 3 cr.
CHEM 3030 Biochemistry I 3 cr.
CHEM 3040 Biochemistry II  3 cr.
CHEM 3060 Biochemical Techniques 3 cr.
CHEM 3200 Physical Chemistry I 4 cr.
CHEM 4750 Chemistry Seminar 3 cr.

Required Courses in Related Disciplines

BIOL 1800 General Biology I 4 cr.
BIOL 2800 Genetics 4 cr.
MATH 1300 Precalculus 4 cr.
MATH 2300 Calculus I 4 cr.
MATH 2400 Calculus II 4 cr.
PHYS 2300 General Physics I 4 cr.
PHYS 2400 General Physics II 4 cr.