Mathematics Department

Build your foundation in abstract and applied mathematics as preparation for graduate school or a professional career.
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Majoring in mathematics means you're building a strong foundation in both the abstract and the applied as preparation for either graduate school or a professional career.

Minors also receive the mathematical foundation needed for advanced work in their major field.

We are also glad to provide non-majors with courses for their major.

The job growth outlook for mathematical statisticians through 2030 is 35%, with 15,000 new jobs in the field. This comes with a median annual wage of $99,450.*

*View the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Mathematicians and Statisticians (visited May 20, 2022).

Majors and Concentrations

Applied Mathematics

The study of mathematics as used in other technical disciplines such as biology, engineering, or computer science. 

Secondary Education, Initial Teacher Licensure Concentration, Mathematics, BA/BS

Pursue your initial licensure in order to prepare for a career as a high school mathematics teacher. 

Middle School Education Mathematics (5-8) Initial Teacher Licensure Concentration, Mathematics, BSE

Pursue your initial teacher licensure as a middle school mathematics (grades 5-8) teacher.


Develop a comprehensive foundation in abstract and applied mathematics as preparation for graduate school or a professional career.

Hands-On Learning

Study Abroad

Go beyond the classroom and study the world through travel. 


Hands-on experience that prepares you for your career. 

Beyond the Classroom

Pi Mu Epsilon Chapter

Pi Mu Epsilon is dedicated to the promotion of mathematics and recognition of students who successfully pursue mathematical understanding, and we're happy to have a chapter right here on campus.  
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American Mathematics Competitions (AMC)

An annual competition that furthers the understanding of our world through mathematics because mathematics drives society and shapes our lives.

Careers In Mathematics

There's a wide-range of careers to consider once you've received your degree and this page is to get you thinking about life after college.
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JMM Conference

Math alumnus Cam Davis, who is now a graduate student in our Computer Science department attended the JMM conference in San Francisco earlier this month and gave a PME presentation based on his honors thesis with Ben Levy. He was among a group of PME attendees who received a student award for his presentation and was given very positive feedback from a PME counselor. In the photo are: Dr. Barbato, Dr. Buell, Cameron Davis, and Dr. Levy. Learn more from the conference. 
Read more about: JMM Conference
Portrait of student Cameron Davis

Student Stories

Cameron Davis '23 took a passion for mathematics to an award-winning presentation at a national conference.

Facility Information

Edgerly Hall was first used as "an eighth-grade model and practice school," which made it one of the first junior high schools in America. It has now become home to the Mathematics and Computer Science departments, in addition to computer labs and classrooms. The Mathematics department offers:

  • A computer lab with 25 PCs, high-capacity laser printer, and sophisticated software used both in mathematics classes and in many businesses that employ mathematicians
  • Projectors that allow faculty to present material while students are working with the same software
  • A seminar room housing the departmental library and a flat screen TV with computer hook up
  • Two PCs for student and part-time faculty

Questions? Get in touch!

Please reach out with any questions you might have, either through the contact information below or by contacting the department chair, Peter Staab.