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Neuroscience and Behavior Concentration

The neuroscience and behavior concentration examines the interrelationships between the nervous system and behavior. Students interested in bridging the traditional disciplines of biology and psychology focus on nervous system function and how it relates to behavior. The interdisciplinary training received prepares students for careers broadly related to the neural, behavioral and cognitive sciences.

Core biology courses involve student laboratory work to develop the skills of scientific inquiry. Student training includes a strong foundation in bioethics which is fostered within in the curriculum. Students become aware of career potentials by close association with their academic advisors.

Nick Gulbrandsen working in a laboratory

Nick Gulbrandsen, class of '13, comparing a human brain to a sheep brain.

Students are prepared for a variety of career paths in academic, industrial, or clinical settings broadly related to the neural and behavioral sciences, including basic research in the neural and behavioral sciences, applied research, marketing and sales in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biomedical industries, occupational therapy, neuropsychology, and pharmacy.

“This [concentration] is an awesome idea. I wish I would be here much longer to sign up for it.”
-Anonymous 4th year student

BS in Biology/Neuroscience and Behavior Concentration

The Bachelor of Science in biology/neuroscience and behavior is an appropriate concentration for biology students pursuing future employment and careers in academic, industrial, or clinical settings broadly related to the neural and behavioral sciences. The concentration includes all of the requirements for the BS in biology. Among the six BIOL electives required for the BS in biology, including the capstone, students must take BIOL 2650 (Neuroscience) and at least two courses providing additional perspectives to the study of neuroscience and behavior, chosen from among the following:

BIOL 2600 - Animal Behavior 4 cr. 6 hr.
BIOL 3250 - Cell Biology 4 cr. 6 hr.
BIOL 3550 - Developmental Biology, or 4 cr. 6 hr.
BIOL 4700 - Animal Physiology. 4 cr. 6 hr.

In addition, students with the concentration in neuroscience and behavior must also take:

PSY 1100 - General Psychology and 3 cr.
PSY 3500 - Psychology of Learning or 3 cr.
PSY 3550 - Cognition 3 cr.

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