Mediterranean Lifestyle and Plant Biology in Verona, Italy with Professors Maldari and Rehrig

Join Professors Monica Maldari and Erin Rehrig on this summer 2025 study abroad program to Verona, Italy.
Study Abroad - Verona, Italy - 2023

May 21 - June 18, 2025

Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle (3 credits)
Designations: SMT, Global Diversity,
Personal Wellness (PW) HAF (Health and Fitness)

Estimated Price: TBD (subject to change)


Students should apply to the Center for Italian Culture (CIC) Scholarship in Academic Works in January. Students will find out if they received the scholarship and the amount by the end of January before the first payment in February.

First Payment: TBD 
Second Payment:  TBD 
Third Payment: TBD

The aim of this summer course is to examine the relationships between exercise, nutrition, and heart disease with emphasis on how the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle influence these factors. As the Mediterranean diet has been associated with lower rates of heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, and overall mortality, Italy is the ideal setting in which to teach this course. Through study of epidemiology, Italian food culture, nutrition, and physical activity guidelines, students will develop an understanding of the way in which nutrition and lifestyle influence disease risk and overall health. This program will study the slow food movement and it's role in Italian society.

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Plates and different foods on a table in Italy
2015 Summer program Verona

Exercise Health and Science Program in Verona, 2016

Dr. Maldari is a phenomenal professor, and did a wonderful job with helping us comfortably experience the shocks of being abroad. She really took the time and effort to make sure we were always comfortable and having fun, while still fitting it into a great learning experience! Being able to stay in Italy for one month, really opened my eyes on what peace really feels like. We learned firsthand about the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle. I loved visiting all the different places to eat, numerous churches, and of course the gorgeous scenery. No matter where I walked, there was always something beautiful to look at. Outside of our class time, we luckily got to visit Padua, Milan, and Venice, which were all amazing and fun to experience - especially with my friends/classmates!

Kris L'Heureux
Mediterranean Lifestyle and Diet Verona Program 2023

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