PreK-12 Education in Italy Program with Professor DeAngelis

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Spring Break

Dates: March 2025
Price: $3,000 (subject to change)

First payment due November 8, 2024
Second payment due December 10, 2024
Third payment due January 10, 2025


Pending financial aid does not cover study abroad payments. Please call Student Accounts for more details at 978.665.4126.

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Join Professor DeAngelis in Rome, Italy during Spring Break 2025. Through this study abroad program, students will develop their understanding of the structure of PreK-12 schools in Italy as well as the practices that inform the design and delivery of instruction. Italy serves as a model for other countries in the implementation of inclusive practices in public PreK -12 school settings. This program will provide students with the opportunity to identify practices present within Italian schools that effectively support all learners. Students will reflect on how knowledge gained during this experience can be applied in classroom and clinical settings within the United States. 

During the experience, students will conduct site visits at schools that serve as models for effective inclusive practices as well as meet with local teachers. Students will be immersed in Italian culture during this study abroad experience. They will have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities which include visits to historical sites, such as the Colosseum, and tours of local monuments including the Trevi Fountain. Join other students for this immersive learning experience in Rome!

Student in Italy for Reggio conference
Sophia in front of colosseum in Italy

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