Engineering Technology Department

Receive a strong technical foundation from the most comprehensive Applied Science and Technology and Engineering Technology programs in Massachusetts.
Studnets in engineering technology classroom

Create a program of study that will prepare you for a number of different careers in the real world.

Choose to concentrate in Architecture, Construction Management, Electronics Engineering Technology, Energy Management Engineering Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Technology/Engineering Education 5-12 Licensure, and Technology/Engineering Education Industry Training.

If you're a graduate or evening student, we offer a Vocational Technical Teacher Approval Program as well as courses that lead to a bachelor's degree in Occupational/Vocational Education, and a master's in Occupational Education.

Majors and Concentrations


Provides a foundation of architectural and engineering technology undergraduate studies.

Construction Management

Prepares you with knowledge and skills essential for construction management practice.

Electronics Engineering Technology

Prepares you for positions in the field of electronics by developing the theoretical and practical skills required for this discipline.

Energy Management Engineering Technology

Provides you with a knowledge base of HVAC, building utilities, and energy systems.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Addresses competencies in engineering design, manufacturing processes, sustainability, and ethics. 

Applied Science and Technology

Focus on the hands-on application, implementation, and management of science and technology.

Technology/Engineering Education 5-12 Licensure

Prepares for careers in teaching with an underpinning in science and technology.

Technology/Engineering Education Industry Training

Prepares students for careers in industry training and education.

Engineering Technology

Develop a hands-on implementation of engineering principles supported by a strong knowledge of mathematics and science.

Occupational/Vocational Education

Attain job relevance and valid, reliable, vocational technical practice.

Hands-On Opportunities


Hands-on experience that prepares you for your career. 

Beyond the Classroom

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Department Highlights

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