Computer Science Department

Become a strong logical thinker and problem solver as you use computers and computational processes to build websites, mine data and much more.
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Gain a professional education and become a skilled member of the workforce in the Computer Science and Computer Information Systems fields. Our students leave here with all the tools necessary to make them valuable members of their communities.

The job growth outlook for information security analysts through 2030 is 33%, with 47,100 new jobs in the field. This comes with a median annual wage of $113,270.*

*View the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook Information Security Analysts (visited May 20, 2022).

Majors and Concentrations

Computer Information Systems

Embraces the major areas of structured programming, data structures, and algorithms.

Computer Science

One of the few programs in the country that combines both hardware and software education into one comprehensive major.

Cybersecurity, CIS

Under the Computer Information Systems major you can take a concentration in Cybersecurity and develop knowledge and skills in network security, data encryption and decryption, cybersecurity, and ethical hacking.

Game Programming

Prepare for a career path in game programming and design by learning the fundamentals of both. 

Cybersecurity, CS

Under the Computer Science major you can take a concentration in Cybersecurity and develop knowledge and skills in network security, data encryption and decryption, cybersecurity, and ethical hacking.

Graduate Degrees


Course Rotation, Plan of Study, and University Catalog


The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems are accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc.

ABET Computing Accreditation Commission

Meet Our Faculty

Computer Science Faculty

Hands-On Opportunities


Hands-on experience that prepares you for your career. 

Departmental Awards

The Computer Science department offers three awards:

  • Computer Science Outstanding Senior
  • Computer Information Systems Outstanding Senior
  • Robert F. McGuire Memorial Award

Recipients of these awards are chosen at a departmental meeting by the whole department; the awards are based on the students GPA, citizenship and contributions to the program and department.

The Robert F. McGuire Memorial Award was created in honor of the late Professor McGuire, who taught at Fitchburg State University for over 20 years, and during his tenure he served as both the department chair and the graduate program chair. The award was established in 2000, and the recipient must be either a CS, CIS major or a Graduate student with minimum GPA of 3.0.

List of our award recipients:

  • Stephen S. Brown - CIS Outstanding Student
  • Alex Phoummalayvane - Computer Science Outstanding Senior
  • Jacob S. Miller - Robert McGuire Memorial Scholarship
  • Charles M. Oliveira - Robert McGuire Memorial Scholarship
  • Sebastian Goyette-Connerty - Computer Science Outstanding Senior
  • Nicholas Bisceglia - CIS Outstanding Senior
  • Avinash Tripathi - Robert F. McGuire Memorial Award
  • David Xiao, Dylan Hague, Bianca Suero Mendez - Computer Science Outstanding Senior
  • Amanda Mambro - CIS Outstanding Senior
  • Andrew C. Fletcher - Computer Science Outstanding Senior
  • Stanley L. Choruzek - CIS Outstanding Senior
  • Zachary A. Smith - Robert F. McGuire Memorial Award​
  • Patrick R. Almeida - Computer Science Outstanding Senior
  • Sean L. Ayres - CIS Outstanding Senior
  • Lavanya Maradani - Robert F. McGuire Memorial Award
  • Alyson Leonard - Computer Science Outstanding Senior
  • Nathanael Rojas - CIS Outstanding Senior
  • Daniel Beaulac - Robert F. McGuire Memorial Award
  • Stephen Strasser - Computer Science Outstanding Senior
  • Letty Bell – CIS Outstanding Senior
  • Elmer Ramirez – Robert F. McGuire Memorial Award
  • Jim Harte – Computer Science Outstanding Senior
  • Matthew Santonastaso – Computer Science Outstanding Senior
  • Daniel Fisher – CIS Outstanding Senior
  • Garrett Wasylak – CIS Outstanding Senior
  • Stephania Da Rosa – Robert F. McGuire Memorial Award
  • Andrew Clouser – Computer Science Outstanding Senior
  • Timothy Goldsmith – Computer Science Outstanding Senior
  • Mamadou Niang – CIS Outstanding Senior
  • Jonathan Schmidt – CIS Outstanding Senior
  • Michael Perron – Robert F. McGuire Memorial Award
  • Aaron Longfield – Computer Science Outstanding Senior
  • Tawheed Abdul-Raheem – CIS Outstanding Senior
  • Jacob Gonyer – Robert F. McGuire Memorial Award
  • Peter Lustig – Computer Science Outstanding Senior
  • Adam Ryba – CIS Outstanding Senior
  • Jeffrey Dickens – Robert F. McGuire Memorial Award

Questions? Get in touch!

Please reach out with any questions you might have, either though the contact information below or by contacting the department chair, N.V.R. Mahadev, Ph.D. 978.665.3270.